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Earth Week 2017!

How will you celebrate Earth Week Next week?  Wanna join our challenge to collect garbage?  Want to get out for a walk (and take a garbage bag with you!)?  We are doing that AND planting a tree at St Jacobs Public School on Thursday April 20th!  They also invited us to go for a nature walk with them!  We are soooo excited!  Earth Day is Saturday April 22nd!  Here are some fun shots from Earth week past years….

Obviously we encourage all our friends so think Green EVERY DAY!  But once a year we rally up the troops to get more involved and educate the community about increasing our collective efforts!

Please join us 16-22 in participating in more Eco friendly awareness, feel free to come in an enjoy our safer services and products while enjoying a week long 10% off any retail purchase to support you hair styles at home!

Tips Tuesday – World Water Day


Many people who are aware of HHDS being the first Eco Friendly salon, spa and energy space.  Whenever we offer a tour to our new clients we explain the following:


Welcome to HHDS! Kitchener Waterloo’s First Eco Friendly Salon Spa and Energy space

We offer full hair , skin and energy services in a safer atmosphere for you, our staff and the planet.  The following products and services will explain how.

We use Eufora hair care products which uses 70-80% certified organic Aloe gel, instead of water, as their product base. So, this really allows the products to heal and renew the cells on your scalp and hair.  Aloe also is a natural preserving agent. The products are also infused with botanical ingredients and pure essential oils, and contain no harmful chemicals.  The company who manufacturers it boasts a zero foot print impact on the planet!

HHDS is our own label for shampoos and conditioners. We’re proud to say it is Canadian made and uses certified organic and fairtrade ingredients, and being that they are in glass jars, infinitely refillable for only $18.  We offer an unscented shampoo and conditioner in this line.  Not only are our products organically derived but they boast no parabens, sulfates, artificial colours or dyes.

We are excited to launch Worlsd Hair Care line which contain natural organic ingredients, are left as unaltered as possible, virtually no scent AND it’s Canadian!

Our polish line, Zoya, is the longest wearing natural polish there is. It’s a 4-free , toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and Camphor free vegan formula and does not contain the harsh chemicals typically found in nail polishes.  Stainless Steel Bowls with no jets in the pedi area provide Bacteria free worry free indulgence.

Most recently added is Holistic Energy healing services and certification programs, like Crystal Grid Therapy, Reiki and Shambala,  Reflexology, Electromagnetic Therapy, Body Talk, Holistic Life Caching and Energy Psychology.

Our Mineral Make Up line is proudly Canadian!. We love FitGlow because it’s a mineral make-up, so there are no biological ingredients in the formula, which means there’s also no need for preservatives. It’s also a natural UV protector due to the content of Zinc.

We use the RVB Holistic products on the face and body. Similar to our other product lines, RVB does not contain harmful chemicals-they have found a way to bind the water molecules to the other ingredients- because the free water molecule in a product are what causes bacteria. So by doing this they are able to use less preservatives, and the ones they do use are fruit & vegetable derived. And their ingredients are Fair Trade certified organic.

Here, you can see our colour line, by Anew. Anew is great because you can colour your hair without being afraid of damaging it. It uses natural pigments and antioxidants to prevent damage, it’s ammonia free, and it contains Quartz powder, which actually encourages a really healthy shine.  All of this means healthier safer hair services with no fumes and sensitivity on the scalp!

We like being able to multi-use our zones, to reduce our footprint as much as possible.  We are truly Loyal to our environment and our guests not a brand so if we find something safer to use in our space we switch out after we test it for effectiveness.  We use our refillable glass jars in the back as well have re purposed furniture and items from the REstore to reduce our footprint too!  notice our compost and burlap bag hair receptacles there- Because we’re a part of the ‘Green Circle Salons’- instead of dumping our waste in the garbage, they pick up our leftover foils and hair clippings, and deliver them to manufacturers of eye glass frames, furniture, light fixtures and ceiling fans. We run on Bullfrog energy as well, which is all wind and solar derived energy.  We also use Norwex and Enjyo cleaning products in our space.

We really like to support the community- so every year we choose a school to donate a tree to. Every April during Earth week we participate in a Community garbage clean-up.  So we hope you’re just as excited as we are about supporting the community and the environment and using the best natural products out there!

We make this general knowledge not just to prove our commitment but to encourage others to do everything they can to become more mindful of their impact on the environment too.

The following tips were taken from the Nature Conservatory site, Check it out here and learn  how you can support them and ensure safer water for all! http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/habitats/riverslakes/help/

  1. Run washing machines & dishwashers only when they’re full. Large loads = less water used. And save energy by turning off the auto-dry setting and letting your dishes dry naturally.
  2. Keeping a timer in your bathroom will help you take a shorter shower. And please turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. All that perfectly clean tap water is just going down the drain.
  3. Turn off lights and unplug chargers. Water is used in all forms of energy generation. It can take over 4 gallons of water to keep a 60-watt light bulb lit for 12 hours.
  4. Use biodegradable cleaning products. The water that goes down your drains will eventually flow into streams and bays.
  5. Skip meat for one meal a week. It can take about 600 gallons of water to produce a hamburger. (Think of all the grain that’s grown to feed the cattle.)

5 Simple Things You Can Do Online

  1. Use social media to spread the word about the need to save water and save our water sources. Challenge your friends to match the actions you take.
  2. Find out where your water comes from and urge others to do the same. Knowledge is power.
  3. Use social media to ask your favorite brands what they’re doing to reduce their water use and their impacts on water sources.
  4. Donate to support a community project that helps protect water for people and nature.
  5. Take our water pop quiz! Don’t worry; it’s more fun than the SATs. Knowing more about your water source and consumption habits will make you a stronger steward for water conservation.

5 Simple Things You Can Do Outside

  1. Plant a tree in your yard or a friend’s yard. Trees help keep soil in place – rather than flowing into our streams and lakes – and help slow water down, reducing flooding and enabling more rainwater to trickle down into groundwater supplies.
  2. Take these steps to reduce your impact when it comes to your own yard and lawn:
    • Water your lawn or garden in the morning or the evening when the water will evaporate less rapidly. Adjust sprinklers to avoid the pointless watering of sidewalks or paved areas.
    • Sweep patios and sidewalks rather than hosing them, which wastes water and carries contaminants into freshwater systems.
    • Limit pesticide use. Pesticides are the only substances we intentionally introduce into our environment to kill living things, and besides being potentially dangerous to people, pets and wildlife, they’ll eventually be carried into our freshwater supply by runoff.
  3. Make sure your hiking gear is free of plant matter when you head out into nature. Seeds of invasive plant species can hitch a ride on boots. Invasive species can cause many water problems, including absorbing more water than native species and sending erosion and bacteria into rivers and lakes.
  4. Volunteer for a stream-clean up or wetland restoration event.
  5. Take someone on a hike near a river or lake – or better yet, get in or on the water – swimming, kayaking, canoeing, etc. People protect things they care about.

Who better the David Suzuki to explain how we must not take for granted access to clean water:


Enjoy World Water Day and make it a daily refrence for you and your family!

From Erin and all of our HHDS Eco Stewards!

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Tips Tuesday – A November To Remember!

Tips Tuesday – A November To Remember!

Good Tuesday to all! I wanted to fill you in in some fun we have had and some fun we plan on having this coming month!

This past month was HUGE for promo’s, I hope you enjoyed them!  We also stretched our creativity with our recent photo shoot, showing off some beautiful fall colours!  We look forward to unveiling the gorgeous photos soon, we thank our clients who were our models!  We insist on using only our own work in our social media and posters in the salon to prove the ‘Green” is sexy and effective, while preserving our planet!

I wanted to share some exciting classes and workshops coming up focusing on our Essential Oil Line with Educator Kerstin Kramer.  She shared her expertise by offering a Flu Shot Make and Take and a Green Cleaner Make and Take using essential oils this past month.

There is one last class scheduled for October and if you are looking to attain your Reiki Level 2 Certification this class is for you!  this Saturday October 31 from 9-4 $250

Coming up for November are the following classes!

November 13 Managing Moods and Stress Naturally only $10 to attend

November 27 Creating Hormonal Balance Naturally

And as an added bonus we might be adding one for Children’s Health too! Watch for that posting!

Also I will be offering a Workshop @ The Rock Spa in the WoodBurner Building on Victoria St Kitchener November 9 from 7-9

Contact Steph @ The Rock Spa to reserve your seat @ 226-444-0176

fall trees


How To avoid a Zombie Apocalypse!

First it is important to understand the traits of a Zombie so you can clearly identify them!

  • An individual listlessly walking seemingly without destination with a great deal of distraction preventing them from connecting with any focus to anything or anyone
  • Individual may be looking down or looking straight ahead without acknowledging anything around them
  • Can be observed in a room full of people, at a restaurant however does not communicate with others simply mindlessly looks down at their lap
  • Seems to be void of emotion, except occasionally might randomly burst out in a muffled gawfaw prompting others to sometimes ask ‘What’s up?’ usually to know reply from the ‘Zombie’ subject.
  • Subjects family no longer recognizes the Subject in question.  Communication has almost completely ceased, and intimate contact is rarely enjoyed if at all. Relationships seem to break down due to lack of physical, emotional and psychological connection.  This is usually evident in the extreme cases after long periods of exposure to the epidemic strain or ‘Cause’ of the Zombie diagnosis.
  • Whole families have been known to be exposed to the disease.  This is concerning for many reasons , one of the biggest being that it takes a Strong Member to recognize the danger to the exposure and get treatment for the entire family immediately.

****Now read all of the listed traits above while recognizing the ‘ROOT CAUSE’ is technology, cell phones, laptops, lack of boundaries for work etc.

I thought I’d have a little fun this week with Halloween coming up to share with you what I and many others have been observing for some time…Ok Let me explain what a Zombie Apocalypse is to me!

Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4 Z5 Z6 Z7Z8Z9

The Side effects of this epidemic!

We have MAJOR Disconnection to nature because HOURS can go by while on devices the next thing you know there is no time to go outside with our kids and play.

Marriage are breaking down more then ever due to lack of communication, feeling unloved and neglected because spouses are distracted or having emotional affairs online.

Kids are not learning how to communicate effectively due to lack of communication in the home.  They are becoming desensitized to the important of emotional connections and meaningful talks with parents and siblings.

Quality morals, values and manners in public are being annihilated because no one uses common sense and respect for others in a public setting.

People DO NOT REALIZE THEY CAN MEET A QUALITY PERSON in PERSON, standing right beside them at a bus stop they could fall in Love with Date and Marry!  People are so reliant on social media and dating sites with their heads down staring at their dating site connections the person sitting beside them at a restaurant, or bus seat could be the love of their life, but they don’t know how or have the common sense to start up a conversation?!

It is making people trust people in person less and strangely trust strangers online more??!!

We know less what our kids are doing with snap chat, instagram, facebook, etc the are sending inappropriate pictures and connecting with strangers online.

There are no protective ‘Family’ settings that are broad enough or fast enough to keep up with the garbage and sensitive information our kids are exposed to on line.  Many people have voiced concerns with how young kids are getting sex ed in schools, when most kids are exposed to worst with no guidance on line.


Be string enough to set boundaries you are comfortable with personally and professionally!  Here are some tips!

You are paid for so many hours a week right?  IF you are working at home too, add up those hours and then recalculate your earnings:  $70,000/ 40 hr week= $33 /wk

If you are working an average of an additional 3 hours per night and maybe 4 hours on the weekend your income just dropped to $22/hr.  You are making $11 less per hour cause you are not setting healthy boundaries for your work.  Sad thing is Your Family is footing the bill for missed tie with you.  Noone ever goes to their grave saying they wish they spent more time working….

So Set healthy boundaries, Maybe you decide going to work earlier gets you more time to get stuff done without missing as much time with family.  Or maybe you say 30 mins per night is the most you will do and SET A TIMER to stay accountable!

Delegate more!  Everyone is replaceable, don’t get caught up in thinking only YOU can do the work, ask for help, it is healthier for you and others feel good about helping.

Set certain times of the day when family can use devices and then when the time is up commit to spending time doing something together, outside, inside or upside down!

Have a Phone bucket.  It’s easy to sit on the couch with the family to watch a movie then look around only to see everyone is also on a device.  Encourage focus and decrease over stimulation by having a phone bucket, all devices go in before family time, and stress that they be TURNED OFF!  If your Cell phone is also your home phone, There is NO RULE that you MUST PICK UP, let voicemail get it, especially if you are with your family, what message does this send your kids and spouse?  They are more important, and if it’s an emergency you can call back and so can they.

Have Family Game night, Movie night, no device night, outdoor activity night.  Make it fun and give everyone the chance to pick the activities! As a parent YOU set the tone for the reality and experiences of your family , and if it’s broken, you hold the responsibility but ALSO the keys to fix it.  Be strong and set the example.

So let only the Halloween Zombies invade your home this Halloween!  Reconnect with your family an friends, you will have a richer life experience for it.

Tips Tuesday – Celebrate Gratitude with us This FREE Fabulous, Fall FitGlow Friday Mineral Make Over Event!


FREE Fabulous, Fall FitGlow Friday Mineral Make Over Event

11-7 Friday October 16

We LOVE our guests and to show our appreciation by offering a FREE fun, fabulous, fall mineral makeup application while you enjoy complimentary refreshments and meet Anna Domi the Creator and Founder of the line.  It is so important to us to support Canadian made products that are safer for our whole family!  The more we support local manufacturing, the more we support our local economy and even better that’s it’s eco sustainable!

fitglowdfitglow palletsfitglowb

Fall is usually a time when we get a fresh new look, chic cut, juicy colour and then of course refresh our make up kit to compliment our new looks!  This event will help you integrate your new shades and even learn some new tips you’ve been dying to try!  This is your chance!

fall 2015 1

So this Friday October 16th from 11-7, we would like to show Gratitude for all of our amazing clients by offering all of you a FREE FitGlow Fabulous Fall Make over with a safer Eco Friendly Canadian made line! Enjoy a complimentary professional make up application and meet Anna Domi the Creator of FitGlow Mineral Make up. Enjoy lovely refreshments and fall tips for fabulous looks every day! Book in a cut and or wash and style and then take your new look out to paint the town red, orange and yellow! Spaces are limited so please call to reserve a space! 519-886-8624

Hope to see you there!



fitglow 1

Tips Tuesday- Doing some INNER work for hair, skin and spirit!

Tips Tuesday- Doing some INNER work for hair, skin and spirit!

Well for many people the colder weather and darker afternoons mark a time for hibernation.  Avoiding the cold and finding cozy solace indoors is common for most of us.  the following ‘tips’ are to make this season a little more positive and less negatively impactful to your hair, skin and spirit.



Find your hair dryer and more static effected this time of year? Try the following regimens and watch how your hair will thank you.

~Do regular deep conditioner treatments, at least once a week

~ Smooth a little styling oil or coconut oil over your hair after styling, carrying Lavender oil in your purse can be used during the day adding smoothness, moisturizing benefits

~ DO NOT wash your hair every day!  Get creative, try pony tails or braids and twists to get through days 2 and 3, excessive washing dries the hair and scalp causing breakage and dandruff



~ On your scalp if you get regular dandruff mix up a bit of coconut oil and lavender oil and rub it directly on your scalp then apply a deep conditioner on your ends for a double whammy moisture experience! Leave on for 10-20 minutes then gently rinse with body temperature water.

~ Get a richer moisturizer for your face!  Winter is more dying and the wind causes the skin to dry out faster.  Using a more moisturizing cream will help, also stay away from foaming cleansers, these tend to be very drying, stick with cream cleansers, like our RVB Holistic Milk cleanser that can also double as a make up remover!

~ Consider adding an oil treatment at night like our RVB essential oil night oil!  Your cells rejuvenate more at night while you rest, so maximize their youthful potential while you sleep with an deep penetrating oil moisturizer!

~ Get a facial once a month at least.  You skin is in so much need of TLC and it barely gets it!  Make sure you get professional care and take advantage of the amazing Facial Friday 20% discount every Friday!



~ Many people find this time of year difficult as less exposure to sunlight and the plethora of holidays can cause a sadness that can seem overwhelming.  Many treatments can help relieve the side affects of the overwhelm.  Reiki, Shambala, and crystal grid therapy are amazing ways to re-balance energy and increase joy and peace to your energy body.

~ Holistic Life Coaching Treatments help you get to the root of the issue with any obstacle in relationships, career or in issues you are haunted by within you from the past.

~ Get outside anyway!  Part of the negative feelings you are experiencing are due to lack of exposure to the sun and clean air that the outdoors supplies.  Get outside for at least 30 mins a day for a brisk walk to get the cobwebs out of your head and the Chi back in your body flowing again!

Every Thursday is Therapy Thursday, enjoy 20% off any Holistic and or Energy treatment!

Tips Tuesday – Invest in Yourself, Mind Body Spirit, Committing Religiously to Self Care

dad pedi

How much do you spend on others?  Not just with money but time, energy, support?  How much are Braces for your kids?  Or Sports activities, or on clothes,?  What am I getting at here?  Is there balance?  Do you spend equal amounts of energy(money, time, support) on yourself that you spend on others?  Constantly giving depletes your banked energy, and if you do not balance out what you give yourself to what you give others, then you become drained and ineffective in pretty much everything you do.  You become short with the kids, uninterested in the relationship with the spouse, too tired to go see friends or even go for a walk.  Living your life this way today creates a worst nightmare tomorrow.  Living a life of drained energy starves your mind body and spirit of the precious substance that keeps you health, happy and whole.  It make you run on fumes and your metal physical and spiritual self become ill, and dysfunction.  This leads to Dis-Ease that shortens your life span, preventing you from enjoying retirement, grandchildren or even life moments with your kids like graduations, and weddings.  It prevents you from living your life passionately and purposefully.  So many people suffer with regret in their last days, wishing they could turn back the clock and make different choices that focused more on peaceful, stress free living, and investing in themselves, which in turn would have given their families and friends more time with them and given the guilt ridden patient more time to live a life full of purpose.

Where do you begin?  Take out a sheet of paper, yup right now, I will wait for you……..OK, on one side right all the things you do for others!  On the other right all you do for yourself in a day.  Is it balanced?  Look, I understand not everyday will be perfectly equal, nor should you turn into a stress ball trying!  However, awareness is the start!  Next, make another list of things  you could do for yourself each day that would alleviate stress , cater to your needs and create more balance!  Getting up earlier to work out!  Check!  Prebooking a reiki treatment every two weeks!  Check!  Pre-booking a one hour  a relaxation massage once a month!  Check!  Going for walks every other day with the family! Check! (Things for yourself can include others, who better then your own family or spouse! This encourages them to prioritize exercise , family time and self care.  Boom!  Booking a coffee meeting in with a friend shows you care and you can enjoy some adult convo with a positive friend!) Check!  Prebook a cut and deep conditioning treatment once every 6 weeks!  Check!  Sign up for opportunities to learn more about your self care and spirituality!  Check!  Get the picture!  So why ‘Pre-Book’?  This keeps you accountable to YOU!  Someone has to!  it also gives you something positive to look forward to, keeps your energy level constantly replenished and prevents you from being disappointed when you really need it from not being able to get an appointment!  Especially around the Holidays!!!!! (Only 10 weeks till Christmas and we are booking up fast EEEK)  Bringing a friend creates a feeling of investment and support too!  Bring your spouse for a massage with you before a date night in, or out!  No reason why your family and friends shouldn’t benefit from this new you, and be encouraged by your actions to improve their lives and health too!  All of your relationships will improve, and you will become more effective in everything you do and have more energy doing it!

So my Tip for this Tuesday?  Invest in yourself, everyone around you will benefit not just you.  No one lies on their death bed wishing they worked more, and spent less time relaxing and enjoying each day with their loved ones.  We can help you stay accountable, we are here to support your path to Conscious Self Care!!

Call Today to Pre-Book your balance!



Tips Tuesday – The Beauty of Gratitude!


As Thanks Giving approaches I am motivated to share the Beauty of Gratitude!   Needless to say being grateful for what you have should not just be celebrated once a year, but every day!  Seems common sense, however we tend to forget this with the distraction of the daily grind.  As some of you read this you might be running about with the hustle and bustle of the season, some with glee, others with a sense of duty.  Are you dreading the assembly of family members and their baggage wishing you could invite friends that are ‘Family you choose?’ Others yet could be sitting beside the bed of a sick loved on over these Holidays wishing to return to the safe repetition of another ‘Normal’ family gathering.  Others still might be sitting wishing to forget this Holiday Season as they do not have family to assemble with.

Feel into this season, embrace your time with your loved ones, biological or not, sharing memories breaking bread together, showing gratitude for your health and wealth, safety and security.  Each day as a beautiful start to each day, reflect on your gratitude list, feel the energy that this brings you and carry that into your day.  Not only does this bring even more good into your life, it keeps a light, youthful energy about you creating a glow resembling the glow reminiscent of the fountain of youth!

In celebration of Family, Beauty and Holidays , we wish to extend to you a limited promotion!  On November 15th form 8:30-2:30 we will be offering 10 lovely ladies a ‘Glamour Day’ of make overs and photo shoots!  We will be celebrating our latest addition of a new ‘Greener’ Mineral Make up Line being unveiled at the event!  Watch for more info coming soon! For only $70 you will receive a wash and style, Mineral Make up Treatment and photo session, with a complimentary 5×7 picture to remember your experience!  This allows you the opportunity to use this as a Christmas Gift, Head Shot or simply a beautiful celebration of you!  What better reason to celebrate then that!

We have limited space for this very exciting event, so please call asap to book your session! 519-886-8624


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Tips Tuesday – Back To School Hair and Make Up



This time of year is crzy!  Getting ready for school, getting reorganized!  Here are som simple ways to prep for the first day!

Make Lunch the night before!

Long Hair?  Put it in loose braids the night before when just barely damp let dry over night and run fingers through it in the morning , touch up with an iron if need be in the a.m

Short hair?  Curls are big and sleek and shiny is always in.  For curls, wrap hair around your finger when slightly damp with some product in it and pin to the head with bobby pins, use one to two inch sections the bigger the section the bigger the curls.  Next morning separate each curl in three and go!  For sleek hair wash and blow dry the night before in the a.m use a straight iron to smooth and sleek fly aways, make sure you use Thermal Protector like our Onesta Thermal Spray.

Make up generally becomes the subject around grade 7 or 8 or age 13.  Most young girls don’t need foundation or blush.  If the complexion isn’t clear, don’t cove up and clog with foundation, check out our RVB Holistic Skin care options to clear the skin before applying make up, as it can make matters worst if not removed properly.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT ALL MAKE UP IS REMOVED AT THE END OF THE DAY.  Light glosses and natural shadows are key for younger ages.  We offer Make up consultations where the application is explained, the appropriate colours are suggested and tools recommended.  This is a great way for your daughter to learn the appropriate way to wear make up.  Heavier liners are more popular these days.  For a more natural look use shadows to line the eyes and finish with a quick brush of Mirabella Mascara.  If they insist on a stronger line, The Eye liner Marker from Mirabella ROCKS!  It is soo easy to apply and having a quick lesson on how to do it is a great idea so as not to OVER do.

When everyone is back in class , may I recommend a MENTAL HEALTH DAY FOR YOU??  Reflexology with a pedi?  Aroma Touch Massage which is at a discount this sept for only $60 Reg $75, or enjoy a crystal Grid Lay Out and Hair cut!  You name it we have the treatments and services so ease your frazzled back to school nerves!


XO to you and yours this back to school season!



Archived Tips Tuesday June

Tips Tuesday – Getting Reconnected This Summer!

Earth 2

am SOOO Looking forward to Meeting up with all of you Saturday July 11th @ 3pm at Moses Springer Park!

Join meetup.com to become a member of our ‘Pursuit Of Happiness Meet Up Group!’

This is a power packed meetup group with extraordinary information and actual workshops which will transform your life to greater heights mentally, physically and spiritually.

If you do what you always have done, you will always get what you always gotten.

• Are you Happy with your life? … All areas of your life?
• Are you willing to settle for that?
• Are you willing to settle for less than you can be?

The Life Makeover Meetup is for men and women who are serious about taking their lives to a higher level. If this is you and you are serious; As a Life and Business Coach, Author, Speaker, Reiki Master, Entrepreneur I can help guide you through the process of:

Becoming crystal clear about:

• Who you are
• What you want and Why
• How to achieve it
• Developing a written plan for your life
• Improving your beliefs, goals, self-concept, and dreams
• Achieving your enhanced goals and dreams

Group participation is limited in size to 20 to allow time for discussion with everyone in the group.

Since the summer is my FAVORITE time of year and I feel we are all so intrinsically connected to our planet I felt it was so important for us to get out in nature, IF of course Mother Nature cooperates with us so the weather will be warm and dry!  Future meetups will continue this trend outside however the tentative dates and locations are : Thursday July 16th 6-8 @ Waterloo Park (Back up location Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa) Thursday July 30th 6-8 @ Waterloo Park (Back up location Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa) Saturday August 15 3-5 @ Moses Springer Park (Back up location Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa)

Please let me know if these dates work for you or not!  In the Fall we will go back to indoor meet ups at my Home, in the mean time let me know what nights work best for you!

I look forward to introducing myself more effectively in person, however my connection to our impact on our planet runs deeper then my favorite season.  I have owned and operated K-W’s 1st Eco Friendly Salon and Spa for over 5 years now.  My observation in my industry has reflected in every person sitting in my chair for over 20 years.  We are becoming more and more disconnected from each other and the planet, which is a fundamental NEED that we all carry with us as human beings.  We are pack animals, we need to stay connected to the planet and each other to stay happy, healthy and balanced.  As we neglect our planet and our relationships to others and ourselves, we become more and more dysfunctional and unhealthy.  My goal with you this summer is get us reconnected to both Mother Earth and each other.  This step is VERY important as a first step towards our true deep unwavering happiness.  As each meet up evolves we will delve deeper and deeper into what creates balanced relationships at home, with friends, family and in our careers and work places.  We will discover how we have the power to create a happier existence and how we have been creating our reality in a manner that has, up till now, been in an unconscious manner.  Reclaim your power and start manifesting the reality you truely want!

I look forward to meeting up with you!

Hugs and Kisses!


mental health week #1

Tips Tuesday – Why Are We Here?

Tips Tuesday – Why Are We Here?

Earth 2

HHMMM Loaded question!  Well I have a few theories!

We are here to:




Fall Down

Get Back Up

Push our limits

And Find out we have none, other then the ones we create for ourselves

Help others

By Helping ourselves

Get Lost

While finding ourselves


Be Loved

wedding pic

Here’s how I like to do these things:

I like to feel good about who I am by taking good care of myself inside and out

I like to forgive myself and others for not being perfect, because perfect is boringand unrealistic

I like to learn ALOT so I can do and be better then I was yesterday

I like to share what I have learned with others to help them grow, just like I learned from others to help me grow

I like to find easier, safer, more joyful things, places, people, experiences

#nails #skin care #Eco Friendly

I put these things into play every day by:

Meditating, Exercising, Eating healthy, listening to my body when it calls to me with dis-ease and imbalance, and nurture myself with self care treatments, like massage, energy treatments walks in nature and lots of rest.

Taking it easy on myself when I’m not 100% on my game knowing that must mean I need a break, taking it easy on others when they are not 100% knowing that must mean they need some self care too.  This is otherwise known as forgiveness.

I love to Read and take classes it keeps my life exciting and my future promising new adventures and the promise of meeting new people every day.

I love sharing my exeriences with others so that they can benefit from the knowledge I have collected that has made my life and relationships more complete.  We can all take turns propelling humanity forward to a more balanced conscious awareness of our impact on each other and the planet by sharing guidance with each other.

i am amazed every day with how this style of living keeps me happy, fulfilled and full of peace and joy.  Not long ago my goal was to feel peace joy and tranquility.  I kept looking for it outside myself.  It took some time but I found it.  Right here inside me, and if you look deep enough you will find it in you too.

Life coaching

I would love to help if you will let me …

Upcoming class for for the end of June include:

Weds June 24 live blood analysis, learn about what your blood can tell you about your health $10

Saturday June 27 become a certified reiki practitioner offer healing energy to loved ones or even start a practice.

Saturday June 27 from 1:30-2:30 $10 learn the basics about crystal therapy and how this inexpensive natural option is an essential tool for your medicine cabinet.  Lessen your medicine intake with natural healing options.

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Tips Tuesday – List of 10 + 1 things to Remember not to Forget!

Tips Tuesday – List of 10 + 1 things to Remember not to Forget!

1- The longest you should go between hair cuts is maximum 2 months split ends are not repairable, trimming off dry ends prevents hair’Running’ like nylons and damaging healthy hair and prevents ‘Amputation”

2 – The least often you should get facials is seasonally minimum, each season leave sit’s mark! Spring to remove Winter dryness and dull finish on skin, Summer to moisturize and nourish skin to enhance it’s ability to regenerate and protect itself throughout summer, Fall to remove summer damage from uv and oil build up, winter to to moisturize and nourish skin to enhance it’s ability to regenerate and protect itself throughout the harsh dry winter months.

3 – Waxing lasts 2-4 wks sometimes as long as 6 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows.  Hair grows faster in the summer.  Hair growth goes through cycles, including dormant stage so once in a while you will see slower growing then others.

4- Mineral makeup is better for you.  It re-mineralizes the skin AND has natural zinc syn protection!  make sure you keep your brushes clean because mineral makeup especially FitGlow, has no preservatives which is GREAT!  But it means you have to clean your brushes regularly to avoid introducing biological agents from your skin that could create bacteria growth.  Mineral make up is from mineral which is non living, but skin tissue and oil is and left unattended to causes bacteria.

5- DO THROW OUT OLD PRODUCT THAT HAS EXPIRED! I don’t normally encourage throwing stuff out, BUT old product for hair and skin could cause irritation, infection and worst, due to some questionable ingredients can become carcinogens affecting your respiratory system.

6- You SHOULD share your healthy green products with your family.  It has been proven that our children have more toxins in their bodies then we do.  Some infants are born with more toxins then their grandparents.

7- Do moisturize your skin right after washing, the pores are more open after washing with war water so applying ,moisturizer immediately allows for more effective absorption  Applying an anti aging serum before bed has more impact on regenerating cells then during the day.

8- Deep conditioning treatments DO protect your hair and extend the time between cuts and preserves your colour.  Think of a sponge that is pores like your hair.  a full sponge is plump and fat, as your hair should be, as well the cuticle should be close.  If the hair is dry and brittle the cuticle is open and the colour slips out fade and the hair breaks.  By filling the hair with moisture you ensure a happy cuticle, happy ends and happy colour!

9- Everyone is Oil Crazy these days!  Oil in moderation is good, BUT think of how oil and water repel each other.  Water is moisture and if you use too much oil you could repel the moisture and dry out your hair more!  (See above)  If your hair is already dry only use oil to define ends after styling and only a little bit.

10- If you want your hair and skin to glow, your smile to gleam and your body to stay toned and defy aging, practice yoga and meditation daily.  It’s proven that stress ages, makes you skin and cause weight gain, dull skin and hair.  Practicing self care regimens as listed above prevents these traditionally accepted forms of aging and provides you with energy to burn!

11- Learn to love, accept and care for yourself.  Learning something new keeps your brain busy and healthy, learning new things that enhance your life experience allows you for a more passionate life, learning to be more self sufficient with your own needs makes you less of a burden on others.  By leading a more independent life you become less of a victim of life and more of an effective contributor to making this world a better place.

Last call for workshops and classes until September of 2015!  Check out our list or call in for deets! 519-886-8624

Join our 21 day yoga challenge with Christine Polak 7-8 from July 6 – 26  in front of HHDS!

Check her out at http://www.facebook.com/liveyourpurepotential and contact her for more info at liveyourpurepotential@gmail.com




Tips Tuesday – Giving Back

Tips Tuesday – Giving Back

I have had some people ask why I don’t use an organization to work through to donate our Tree annually, my response is the I don’t get to be there. I actually get teary eyed every year without fail watching the kids at each school paticipate!  If we are not there we don’t get to share our message.  This is no small thing.  Anyone can plant a tree, even though not enough of us do, but what message is sent with that? We are all so cuaght up on our own heads do we notice when a tree is planted or cut down?   My heart breaks every time I see a tree cut down, the response is ‘We needed the room, it was in the way’.  Or when I drive down Ira Needle to see trees that had been planted along the side of the road just the year before torn up for road work, or not watered so they die the same season.

When we donate a tree, we ask around for a school in need of one.  We then contact them and ask to be present for the planting.  I have been met with gratitude, surprise and in some occasions impatience.  I realize we are all busy but this is a priority.  I know that donating one tree a year can’t make up for the thousands cut down every year.  What I am trying to do is create awareness.  If we can show others that this form of effort is worthy of us all gathering around for a moment to revere the majesty of this life giving miracle, perhaps others will recognize this and be motivated to do the same.  If we are not present for the planting we become an obscure name over the school pa system, over in a moment.  If we are present our efforts to create awareness about our environmental state has power.  Each of our staff takes time out of their day to be there.  To honor the celebration of the tree.  A symbolism of life, a life giving gift to us all.  Without trees we would have no oxygen, no shade, less, fruit, less building material, and on and on and on.  At HHDS we spend EVERY DAY, offering safer nurturing services and experiences to our guests, reminding them that they MUST care for themselves, we expand that awareness to our planet by showing our guests, and our community that we must show care for our environment.  This is all intrinsically connected.

We all need to slow down, to take a breath to live in the moment, to look around and ask ourselves what are we teaching our children about self care, and in turn caring about our planet.  A guest who comes in to our space who learnes this lesson goes out to the community and becomes an example to others and it spreads like an epidemic.  Yes, this is my goal, to become an ECO epidemic, sweeping the nation creating a consciousness whose side affects consist of unconditional self love, acceptance, care, awareness and in turn these same side affects will be enjoyed by the entire planet in how we chose to treat each other and how we impact our planet.

Will you be the next to be infected?




I want to thank Jean Steckle Public School, Especially Brian and Karen,  for their kind welcome and accetance of our two trees this year and I’m excited to watch the Kindergarten class grow up with our trees!  Very excited to learn that like me Jean Steckle was a farm girl with environmental consciouness in her blood, how fitting that we be able to honour her memory with our donation and awareness of Eco Concept!

Tips Tuesday – Angel Card Readings



As a sample of how Angel Card Readings work, I have provided you with a reading today, the card pictured above, provided by Cheryl Richardson’s Self Care Card Deck, is drawn for everyone as a form of heavenly guidance of Self Care from above. Some people prefer Tarot readings however one must remember, Angels are non-denominational, any religion or atheist can have a connection to angels regardless of belief.
Here the card stressed recognizing priorities. Many of us have a mental list of our top 5, but do we live this list? Many of us put health or family at the top, however with the distractions of technology and lack of physical activity and physical ‘self care’ we are not necessarily living in alignment with our beliefs. Needing to learn when to say ‘no’ is a big part of self care. Burning the candle at both ends serves no purpose other then making us drained, sick and alienated from family. Committing to too many social activities turns us into stress magnets trying to meet the demands, having no down time, even dropping the balls and coming across scattered to our friends and family who have depended on our being reliable to what we have committed to. It also means knowing when to say ‘Yes’! To things that feel right, like that bubble filled tub with a side of ‘glass-o-wine, or the Man\pedi promo at HHDS, or energy work that clears the blockages and balances our scattered energy and nerves. To that bike ride with the kids, or playing a board game on the floor instead of everyone gong their separate ways watching tv in their own rooms or glued to technology screens. Learn what your Priorities are, if you are in alignment to them and when to say no to those things that don’t feel right and yes to those things that feel right.

Where these cards play a significant role in self care is as a gentle reminder of living in our highest purpose of our life here. They guide us back to what matters and where we need to focus to manifest the best possible life we can. We tend to focus on the outside physical world for all the answers, guidance and results giving our power away when in reality it all happens within. ‘As within so without.’ These cards used as guiding messages from our Angels, guides and Guardian Angels, offer a constant stream of loving messages to gently guide you back to the path of optimal health and life purpose.

Angel Card readings can be enjoyed at HHDS for $30 for 30mins or $60 for one hour. They are an awesome compliment to Holistic Life Coaching sessions and energy treatment session but can be enjoyed individually as well.

Tip Tuesday – Skin Care

We have talked a lot lately about energy work to care for our inner beauty, today we are sharing pointers on how to care for your largest Organ! Your Skin! Most of us take our skin for granted. At HHDS we are very aware of what we put on your skin as it is absorbed directly into the blood stream through this protective layer of Epidermis! We use RVB Holistic skin care which boasts the lowest preservative ingredient ratio, and the preservatives they do use are plant, vegetable and fruit based. It is essential to cleanse make up and debris off your skin every night. The best time to apply serum is at night when your skin regenerates the most and use a moisturizer for the season. Winter needs more moisture, summer a little less weight one is recommended. SPF 10 moisturizers are available for day time use, I prefer to use Mirabella Mineral Make up for my sun screen for the face, as it has natural Zinc powder to provide great spf protection.
Wearing a hat, and not going outside from 1-5 during the hottest parts of the day is recommended for summer, as sun tanned skin is actually damaged skin.
PROTECT THE MONEY MAKER!! Every Friday is Facial Friday! 20% off all facials, Glow, Holistic and our Organic Natural Namaste Facial where we use all natural ingredients from the local Natural Food store to create honey, avocado and oatmeal customized facial experiences!

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Tips Tuesday – Thank You

As I return back to work after a leave of absence during my Father’s last few days with us, I am moved to show gratitude for the incredible ‘Green’ Family I have at HHDS for their support, love and understanding while they tackled the Salon and Spa on their own. Each one of these incredible women are examples of Love through and through. I am blessed to have you, we have incredible miracles to create together you and I.
To my patient, understanding clients, who feel more like an extension of my family, I share my gratitude as well, as many of you got bounced around or showed faith and trust to visit another stylist in my absence. For those who did, you were no doubt in good hands, and for those who rescheduled perhaps several times to wait for me you are all so wonderful and kind in your prayers and kind words in support of my family through this difficult time.
I missed a couple of Tips Tuesdays, perhaps this being the most profound. As you know I have posted several regarding ‘Self Care’ it is my strong belief that by taking the time to take genuine ‘Care’ of ourselves we are more effective, more nurturing, more patient, more healthy, then if we didn’t take this precious self nurturing time. I am reminded once again of the story of the Flight Steward who instructs us to place the oxygen mask on our own faces before our accompanying children. At fist I was mortified, how selfish, how inappropriate. Really? How absolutely essential!? If you are not safe and functioning, how can you care for your child? This is in reference to every part of your existence, your job, your relationships, your health. YOU MUST CARE FOR SELF. Going to work sick, overlooking your own symptoms to care for another’s, while these things seem admirable they are simply not and are if nothing else simply selfish and hurtful to your loved ones who need you functioning at your best. You become an ineffective worker, a drained caregiver with a short fuse, an ill individual incapable of caring for yourself. WE (HHDS) are here for you to learn more on how to do this. We are setting up classes starting soon on the basic steps to start performing self care on yourself and teach your children how to as well for the betterment of future more balanced generations. We are expanding and diversifying our Mind Body and Spirit care services for you to enjoy. Come in to enjoy some today.

Finally my Tip for this week. Hug and say ‘I Love You’ to your loved ones, your friends, a stranger who needs it. Everyone is someone’s Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Daughter. Share the love, My Father was one to show affection easily, hugs, hand shakes, kisses, and I love your’s were always a part of our lives. It is healing and strengthening. Whether you enjoyed this before this moment or not is irrelevant. From this point on Share the Love, it is the best tribute I could offer you in the name of my Dad. Happy Father’s day, I love you Dad!

Tips Tuesday – Crystal Therapy


As everything is made up of molecules including crystals, which are vibrating at the unique rate to the species of crystal. Our bodies are vibrating at a unique rate as is each individual organ. When the molecules are vibrating at the proper rate then the matter or object they create is in good working order. So if the molecules that make up your lungs are vibrating correctly your lungs are healthy, if they are not vibrating at the proper rate the lungs are experiencing a form of dis-ease. ‘Traditional’ Medicine (considered conventional medicine even though traditional medicine is accurately the holistic form of treating the body in a natural manner with plants and other natural items like crystals was around far before our man made forms of medicine considered now to be traditional medicine) addresses strictly the physical in many ways, addressing illness with medicines and surgery, kind of like a bandaid or like trying to catch the race horse already out of the gate. What creates Dis-ease or an imbalance of molecular vibration is actually caused by chakra blockages caused by energetic experiences the body has had. Energy in the form of our thoughts, food, other toxins brought into the body from pollution or smoking, relationship problems with self like depression or relations with others, (look up heart chakra in relation to lung health).
To keep this as brief as possible I will list some recommended reading for you to assist with your path of knowledge in the crystal healing modality. Crystals placed on or near a dis-eased area vibrating at the correct rate that the dis-eased area should be vibrating at, helps release the blocks in this area and re-calibrate the area to the proper rate that the matching crystal offers to tune it like a piano. So regular retuning of your chakras with Crystals is a great way to keep yourself balanced in each area of your mental, physical and emotional being, along with healthy eating and activity choices.
A Crystal Therapist is trained to sense the dis-eased area of your being through questions and answer, and energetic testing to address the area of concern and can place crystals around you in a special grid layout while you are fully clothed in a prone position on a treatment table. During this treatment you will be very relaxed, you may experience varying degrees of sensations ranging from a comfortable level of heat, tingling, twitching, emotional release, peace, and pressure among some other things which are all a natural reaction to energetic blockage release.
I encourage you to delve further into this natural form of health maintenance as it is a fun, inexpensive way to maintain your health and well-being for yourself and your loved ones. I encourage you to read ‘The Crystal Bible’ available at Chapters, ‘No More Medicine Mama’ for kids and visit places like ‘The Rock Spa’ on Victoria Road for beautiful Crystal specimens to heal with and decorate your home for good energy or FengShui.

We are proud to be able to offer Crystal Therapy Treatments with our own Jess Savage Certified Crystal Therapist, Book now for an appointment, 519-886-8624.

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May Archived Tips Tuesday

Father’s Day Promotion – Show Papa some Lovin’

dads facial

Dad needs nurturing too! Show Papa some Lovin’ with this great father’s day promo!

Men’s Facial, 30 minute Hot Stone Massage and Hair Cut
for only $65
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Get a Complimentary upgrade to shellac application with every Spa Manicure and Spa pedicure booked for June!

dads manicure

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Tips Tuesday – Chakras


Why is it so important to balance clear and protect your chakras? Because they impact your mental, physical and emotional health. For some of you like me who weren’t raised with this perception this can be hard to believe, but instead of trying to convince you I encourage you to do some healthy ‘Skeptics’ investigation. The Chakra Bible is available at Chapters and is a great introduction!
Here I will touch on the importance of each one, how it affects you and refresh your mind with optional treatments. First picture the back of a hair dryer, yes I’m a stylist so bare with me, it’s a good analogy. The back of the hair dryer has a round filter which catches all the dust and crud being sucked in with the air to blow through the dryer. If you never clean out this filter what happens? The motor burns out!!! This is the purpose of the Chakras, to filter the crud out of the energy flowing through each chakra so healthy clean energy can filter through to your physical body and prevent burn out or dis’ease. Chakra is sanscrit for spinning wheel. Each chakra spins at a different rate, the lower chakras spinning slower the higher chakras spinning faster. Now each chakra depending on its location affects a different mind, body and emotional state of your being.

Root chakra – base of the spine facing the floor, red in colour affects your ability to stay grounded, feel safe and provide and accept the basic necessities of life. Food, shelter, community and the need to re produce. Any physical attribute of the body located in this area like the sexual organs are impacted by the state this chakra is in. Red Jasper is a good balancing crystal.

Sacral Chakra – Located between the base of the sine and the belly button. Affect the ability to feel and share joy, impact addiction and creativity. Orange in colour and impacts all the physical attribute of the body such as the sexual organs intestines etc. Orange Calcite is a good balancing crystal for this chakra.

Solar Chakra – At or around the belly button. Yellow in colour, it impacts the amount of power or control you feel in your life, and is a main intuition center, the gut instinct can be immobilized if this chakra is not working right. It connects us to all beings and is the link between upper and lower chakras. It impacts the stomach and many other organs located in this vicinity. Yellow Citrine is a good balancing Crystal.

Heart chakra – Found between the breasts, affects relationships to self and others. Can cause depression or issues with the lungs, breasts heart or any other organs in this area. Is pink and green in colour. Rose Quartz or Aventurine are good balancing crystals .

Throat Chakra – Is the colour of the sky at the beach a beautiful indigo. It affects our ability to communicate (speaking and listening) and relationships. It impacts the throat , thyroid and any other organs in it’s vicinity. BLue lace agate is a good balancing crystal.

Brow Chakra – Dark purple or navy is the chakra colour, it impacts your ability to think, analyze, impacts depression and the eyes and brain, pituitary glands etc. Can impact psychic abilities. Sodalite is a good balancing Crystal for this chakra.

Crown chakra – violet in colour , is the fastest spinning chakra in the body and connects us to the source energy. Impacts the brain ability to think, and helps to form ideas. It impacts the brain and other organs in this region. Amethyst is a good balancing crystal.

There are many other chakras but these are a good start. The crystals listed after each chakra are inexpensive quick fixes for each chakra which I recommend retrieving at The Rock Spa in Kitchener in the Wood Burner building on Victoria road. Each Crystal has it’s own energy vibration and each one listed here matched the vibration of the corresponding chakra, therefore “tuning” each chakra like a piano to the appropriate rate of vibration. If it is spinning too fast (over active) or too slow (underactive). A Crystal Therapist Like our own Jes Savage can help balance Chakras as well as many other negative blocked energy through out the body, we will talk more about this treatment next time. Reiki is dedicated to the clearing and balancing of each chakra as well and treatments range from 30 mins to 60 mins and are $35 to $65 .

I hope this has wet your appetite to learn more! The book and resources listed above will help, see where it takes you! If you have children you wish to introduce to the healthier world of holistic medicine I have written two books, “I have Chakras Just like You” and “No More Medicine Mama” which are great introductions to chakras and crystals for kids and parent to learn together. These are available at the links below and in our salon and spa.



no more medicine mama

Tips Tuesday – Reflexology

Reflexology feet

Reflexology hnd

Each week we are touching on many beautiful self care treatments we offer at HHDS. You can enjoy one per visit or combine any number of treatments together to ease imbalances in the energetic, physical, mental or emotional being that makes you who you are. Last week we touched on Reiki and other energy based treatments which allows you to get out of your own way and allow a licensed practitioner to help release blockages in your mind body and spirit. After these treatments it is advised that you be gentle with yourself. During and after the treatments you may experience a release in the form of twitching, crying, fatigue, tummy upset, so drink lots of water and get lots of sleep to allow the released old negative energy to exit the body safely and gently with as little side affects as possible. Here we share some info on Reflexology, again we encourage you to check with your physician before starting any treatments, keeping in mind all of the treatments we offer do not prevent, complicate or prevent conventional medical care or medications to be effective, if anything it enhances these treatments shortens recovery times and shorten the length of time you need to be on meds.
Reflexology is a treatment impacting “reflex points” on your feet, hands, and head (especially ears). Reflexology affects reflex points related to specific organs and glands in the body, by stimulating these points with finger pressure promotes health in the organs and glands via the body’s energetic pathways.
Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment benefiting the whole body. Therapists will use various techniques that include holds, finger pressure, kneading, rotation and rubbing. Therapists can also include hands and feet for the reflexology treatment, you can feel the effects through the entire body..
Reflexology is a good treatment for people who wish to keep their clothes on during a massage and if you are pressed for time and don’t want to get oil all over you.
Reflexology was developed in the US in the 20th century, called “zonal therapy” . It is based on the theory that the body is divided into 10 zones running longitudinally from head to toe — five on each side of the body. Reflexology or pressure on reflex points on the foot or hand will affect body organs in the same zone.

Come learn more at the Everything Holistic Wellness and Spiritual show Sunday May the 25th from 10am to 5pm at Kitchener City hall. Tickets are $2 here at HHHDS or at the door and kids get in free with the donation of a gently used book for ‘Strong Start To Reading’.
For more information check out http://www.thatsthespirt.me or email vision@mail.com

Tips Tuesday – Energy Treatments


Energy Treatment’s come in many shapes, sizes, and labels. Bottom line is that everything is made up of molecules, everything is vibrating at a specific rate that is unique to it. A table, a chair, a dog, a cat, a human body. Each organ in the body has it’s own unique vibrational rate that it must sustain in order to do it’s job correctly. If the vibrational rate changes this will create dis-ease in the body. It is up to us to maintain these specific energy frequencies through out our body. Sounds like big responsibility and it is. I can’t put enough information in one tip for all you will need to delve into the exciting mystery that is our energetic signature of our body, but I will encourage you to continue to investigate, follow your intuition to a special modality, practitioner, guide or holistic practitioner to help. Keep in mind always that everything around us is energy as well and who, what, where, we place ourselves will impact our energy and in turn our body. This is why it is so important to put the highest vibrational foods in our body, have the highest vibrational thoughts in our minds, and surround ourselves with highest vibrational people, places and things. As we affect other peoples energy which, in it self is a huge responsibility, so too do they affect ours. Therefore by placing your energy, body and mind as first priority of care you are actually helping others around you too! For the most part, Reiki, Shamballa and Celtic Reiki is shared with you on a treatment table fully clothed while the practitioner hovers their hands over each chakra or intuitively moves to areas of the body which are sensed to be of concern. All energy modalities are said to be a Stress Reduction and Relaxation technique designed to encourage self development. Sessions administered are for the purpose of helping you relax, relieve stress, balance masculine and feminine energy, remove blockages from your Chakras and learn to give and receive love in a balanced manner. Energy Treatment Practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe substances or perform medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of licensed medical professional’s. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician, or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment or condition you may have. As you probably noticed I mentioned Chakras here, I do encourage you to learn about these as they are equally if not more important than our organs in our bodies! I will share with you what Chakras are in our next Tips Tuesday.
The body has the ability to heal itself, and to do so complete relaxation is often required. Long-term imbalances in the body require multiple sessions to allow the body to reach the level of relaxation necessary to bring the system back into balance. Self-improvement requires commitment on your part, and that you must be willing to change in a positive way if you are to receive the full benefit of Energy Treatments.
You must commitment to the self-improvement process and recognize that an Energy Treatment session program must be followed to be truly effective, just as prescribed medication is only effective if taken as directed. It is important that you never give your power away during your self healing journey. What I mean is people who have been trained in any form of healing modality are not ‘Healers’ but are able to provide you with the verbal, physical and energetic guidance to assist YOU with YOUR OWN healing. It is important that you find someone you feel comfortable with. If ever you feel uncomfortable or ill at ease find a new practitioner. Not all client practitioners fit perfectly, it takes time sometimes to find the one that fits best and sometimes you must move on to others as you travel along your self improvement path. this is ok and should not be a deterrent or road block to your health. Your intuition is your best guide so make sure you tune into it.
I look forward to sharing more information with you regarding energy treatments and proudly offer Reiki with every Service provider within our Salon and Spa. What that means is that we here at HHDS have taken responsibility for our own energy and the transference of energy to you during your services so that each time you come to see us we maintain our highest vibrational energy that we can and at your request can offer you all of our services infused with the beautiful healing energy of reiki.

Come learn more at the Everything Holistic Wellness and Spiritual show Sunday May the 25th from 10am to 5pm at Kitchener City hall. Tickets are $2 here at HHHDS or at the door and kids get in free with the donation of a gently used book for ‘Strong Start To Reading’.
For more information check out http://www.thatsthespirt.me or email vision@mail.com

Mother’s Day is comin! Show Mama Some Lovin’!

Show Mama some Lovin’ with the following nurturing services at a great price!

Spa Pedi, Hair Cut and Style for only $80.00


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Tips Tuesday – Regular Energy Tune ups!


Life coaching

Life is busy, it’s stressful, it’s draining. But it’s also full of joy, boundless opportunities and blessings, that we sometimes over look because we haven’t ‘Defragmented” on a regular basis. I call it defragmenting. Like when you clean out your computer of old files. It’s essential to maintain a healthy energy level, and who better to maintain and regulate it then you?
To make this a shorter ‘Tip’ lets assume that everyone needs more energy maintenance. Everyone’s energy level needs differ, everyone’s lifestyle differs, the demands and opportunities to re calibrate differ. But on the whole we all need to be more aware. Here are some basic warning signs that you are out of balance with your energy, these are basic guidelines and we could go into more detail but for the sake of time here are just a few.

Tired – need to sleep more then usual
Cranky – short tempered, fighting with friends and or family
Concentration – Lack of it, hard to focus multi tasking
Clumsy – Bumping into things, hurting yourself, moving around to quickly and frantically.
Depression – Varying degrees of this can be felt from simply having no energy to socialize to severe issues needing medication

In order to ‘Fix’ what is broken one must first acknowledge that we need to make a change, and realize that we are more efficient at who we are and what we do when we take the time to nurture ourselves and maintain healthy energy. We have been taught that caring for ourselves is selfish, egocentric, wasteful, lazy or indulgent. None of this is true. You will find after just a short time of changing your view here and caring for yourself, which no one else can truly do efficiently, that you are more energetic, more positive, more patient, more focused, more agile and just happier! Making you a more effective contributor to your relationships and career.
There are so many options to clear away or defragment your old ways of thinking, and embrace a new more vital you! A few energy boosting services you can enjoy with us at HHDS are:

Crystal therapy
Holistic Life Coaching

Among many other beautiful mind, body and spirit enhancing services. In the coming weeks I will share with you some details of these services to introduce you further towards balancing your energy with services best suited to your needs!
Feel free to call for more information, and don’t forget Mother’s Day!reflexology

Give Mama Some Lovin’!

Mother’s Day Is Here!
So Give Mama Some Lovin’!

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Tips Tuesday – TMI On Social Media

social media

HHHMMM A little Harsh?

Sorry, But Think about this for a second.

I’m in the industry that used to be known as ‘The First Impression Maker!

No longer can we hold this auspicious title.

Social media is now your official ‘First Impression Maker’.


What does your social media say about you?  I had a conversation with a Networking ‘Friend’ on facebook.  She has just posted what I felt was a very authentic view of herself and I commended her candid and balance in her comment.

She had stated that she had noticed her efforts of late had slacked since she had first begun her journey in her efforts, however in observing this she realized how far she had come so quickly in her goals initially and how she was so proud of that fat.  She then realized she had strayed off course and had fallen prey to being busy and distracted.  After observing this of herself she sat in a state of recognition of her power to alter her current reality as she had before.  In realizing her ability to control her reality both in her initial success, followed by temporary distraction and back to balance she had the ability to not just re-attain her previous success but exceed it.

By sharing this story with her friends she showed that she was human, flawed but capable, and very accessible.

Generally when someone asks how we are doing, we say, ‘Good’ ‘Fine’ ‘Great’, many of us are afraid to show that we are human, that badge of honour connected to you have to be ‘Good’ no matter what stressors are in your life, because if anyone sees a chink in your armour its all over the façade it blown!  If you aren’t stressed you aren’t successful!   Maybe it’s not appropriate when someone asks how is business to say wow it sucks, it’s been slow and staff is hard to come by, but a happy medium might be good?  ‘How are you’, ‘I’m doing alright, family is healthy, business has been a bit slow but it fluctuates!’ This is a balance.  A realistic snap shot of reality, the good the bad and the neutral, life is neither good or bad, it’s how you perceive your reality.  I find it interesting how some pessimists label themselves realists.  Somehow these individuals believe that in order to be ‘realistic’ you must be negative or only see the negative side of the situation.  Being a Libra I am cursed, and blessed with seeing both sides, IN EVERYTHING!  Some people see this as indecisive, but in reality it is just reality.  In reality there are two sides to everything. ‘Negative’ and ‘Positive’.  In nature there just ‘IS’.  And if you mess with it you mess with the balance.  Listen I’m with ya, I hate watching the Lion catch the Gazelle on the nature shows, but what happens if there is no Lion? Everything is in a delicate balace.  And if you are too far one way or the other, you are out of balance.  Balance is crucial In health and when it comes to portraying yourself to others you might want to look at your social media pages for clues.

I often find it interesting how others perceive me.  We all have a different view on a situation. Five different people could go watch a movie and each one would have a view of the best and worst part, the parts they remembered or whether or not they would recommend it to others.  This is a reflection fo a whole other convo, one you could participate in this Saturday from 2:30-5:30 for our Writing On The Wall workshop.  It sheds light on how the brain is impacted at child hood and provides us with a filter we perceive our lives through, until we recognize our ability to alter the filter to become more balanced and less judgmental in our view point on life.

On the flip side what DOES your social media say about you?

Are you using it to vent, bad hair days, broken hearts, and lost causes?  How does this negative posting affect your friends and loved ones?  Those who love and support you might feel disappointed and hurt that the venting might show others that you don’t have the support and love from family that they do in reality provide, but that you in your perspective don’t see, or perhaps appreciate?   This results in ‘Un-Friending’ as many acquaintances might find the negativity too much, loved ones might feel the need to release the ties to protect themselves from the hurt it causes.

Are you posting rainbows and butterflies, or something in the middle.  I guess if your social media is a place where people are deriving ‘First Impressions’ from such as  future employers, romantic partners and networking contacts I guess this might be an area to look at what 1 dimensional perspective of ourselves we are displaying.  You can’t blame someone from being repelled by accessive negative posts, or concerned about inauthentic behaviour.  I will admit I’m a little further towards rainbows and butterflies, I guess I feel a need to swing the pendulum a little farther to the light side to offset all the negativity.

I also feel that social media is more of a place for inspiration and motivation.

But hey, that’s just me!

The Writing On Your Wall Work Shop May 30th, Live The Life You Want to Create!

mental health week #1

The Writing on Our Walls – Offered By Erin Kiers

May 30th $30 RSVP with a $10 Deposit Seats are limited

This is our newest Echo Center Created Program offering understanding how our minds work. We invite participants to look at their life right now. Our outer world will always reflect our inner world. Perhaps; we do not like what we see related to our relationships; our finances, our career, or perhaps we have some fears that are holding us back. Our problems are not solved in isolation, nor are they solved by the same mind that created them.  This overview of this in depth workshop you will get  sample of what you can delve deeper into if you choose to participate in the unveiling of your true higher self.  Once you have completed this 3-4 hour workshop you will be ready to delve deeper into your own power with the assistance of a trained Holistic Life Coach and Energy Psychologist, Erin Kiers Owner of Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa AND The Institute for Harmonious Living.

To Reserve a Seat Please call 519-886-8624 or email us at

hybridhairanddetoxspa@rogers.com or info@instituteforharmoniousliving.com

Erin Has Graduated From I-Echo Center for Holistic Life Coaching and Energy Psychology and has begun the journey of assisting others on the journey to self awareness.  Depending on the need of the participant, One on One sessions for self discovery, group sessions, marital coaching, and professional coaching. Erin has classes starting this September guiding those who are called  to become Certified Holistic Life Coaches and Energy Psychologists like herself.  Erin’s aim is to help assist anyone on the path to self healing and empower everyone to recognize their ability to lead healthy harmonious lives.  Each individual who stands in their power aids the human race as a whole to realize the healing nature we posses to support those around us and our planet.

Included in the FULL optional Writing on the Wall program are a series of nine workshops, which are included in a participant’s workbook. The option to sign up for this in depth discovery program will be offered the afternoon of our class with a discount for the attendees that day. These workshops are offered privately, in groups, and online for your convenience.   If you wish to jump right in to the full program contact me at the above mentioned phone number and or email addresses.

Full Writing On Your Work Shops include:

Goals … Discovering Your True Passion

Heal Your Relationship with Money NOW!

Be the Change … Your Profound Impact of the World

Your Identity Creates Your Reality… Healing Your Critical Voice

Be That NOW! … The Law of Attraction Works for YOU

Overcome Obstacles to Your Biggest Dream

Attract and Enjoy Spectacular Relationship

Your Identity Creates Your Reality…. Healing Your Critical Voice

Give Yourself the Gift of Personal Peace

I look forward to walking along side you on your journey to Self Empowerment!

Erin Kiers

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We love to share safer Green Services with our guests!  AND We Love to offer Savings too!  

Here is a list of Promotional days offer you, our Loyal Guests 4 days of savings repeated EVERY WEEK!

Tips Tuesday!

Tips Tuesday is our On Line Blog for Green Products, Great Hair and Skin Tips and share information to keep you at your peak performance Mind , Body and Spirit!  Check us out on our Web Page, Facebook Linked in and Twitter for weekly posts!

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Tips Tuesday – Summer Skin Protection! Last Call for Spring Classes!

#nails #skin care #Eco Friendly

This Summer take extra care with your biggest organ!  YOUR SKIN!  Many guest enjoy RVB Holistic Day Cream with SPF 10 as a daily protection over commercial drug store brand protections that are heavy and clog the skin!

Also Our FitGlow Mineral Make Up contains ZINC in it’s foundations to provide natural ingredient protection!

Put SunScreen on at least 15 minutes before going outside. Use 1 ounce, which would fill a shot glass.  Reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours or more often if you’re sweating or swimming

Wearing Hats can be sexy and safe against aggressive suns raze!  Big Brims and over sized Total UV Protection sunglasses ad Big Mystery!  Pair it with a pin up girl bathing suit and knock’em dead!

Avoid being out in the sun as much as possible from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Check your skin regularly so you know what’s normal for you and to notice any changes or new growths.

Classes and Workshops for May and June!  Book Your Seat Today!

***Only $10 Deposit to reserve a seat!


Saturday May 9 * Healing your body – 2 hour workshop – $30/person  Kerstin Kramer

Thursday May14 Group Hypnosis for Weight Loss /Or Quitting Smoking   $70.00     Brenda Schrader

Saturday May 16 Open

Saturday May 30   The Writing on your Wall – $30 Erin Kiers, Holistic Practitioner, and Instructor, Energy Psychologist.


 Saturday June 6th Reiki level 2 8:30-2:30 -$150.00 each Brenda Schrader

Monday June 8th Essential Oils 6-8  – $10 Lisa Thurman

Wednesday June 10 * Basic Dowsing – 2 hour workshop –  7-9 pm $30/person Kerstin Kramer

Saturday and Sunday June 13\14  Master Level Reiki -$400.00  Brenda Schrader and Kerstin Kramer

Saturday June 20 Open

Wednesday June 24 * Live Blood Analysis – 1 hour lecture -7-8 pm $10 Kerstin Kramer

Saturday June 27 Crystal Therapy, $10 Erin Kiers Holistic Practitioner, and Instructor, Energy Psychologist.

We will be on a Summer Break until September 2015!  We will have a list of classes and workshops posted soon!

Grad – Prom – Weddings, Pick Your Package!

Grad 3

Grad – Prom – Weddings, Pick Your Package!


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Tips Tuesday – ‘Grounding’ C\O Kerstin Kramer @ HHDS

I just want to thank Kerstin Kramer for her contribution to Tips Tuesday, with her Grounding Blog.  In conclusion to Mental Health week last week this awareness continues to assist you with your self care to prevent energy loss and preserve your Mental Health.

Enjoy! Erin

feet 1

Practical Guide to Grounding 

Kerstin Kramer @ HHDS

There is more to your body than just what meets the eye. Beside your physical body you also have an energetic body surrounding you. Some people refer to this as your “aura” or “energy field”. In a healthy body your energy moves freely in, through and around your body, nourishing all of your vital organs and body systems. When you feel out of sorts, upset, or anxious the flow of that energy can become inhibited or blocked and sometimes we also draw too much energy in, which makes us feel exhausted or agitated.

Being able to “ground” yourself or to balance your energy is an important self-care tool, which can help tremendously in maintaining health & wellness. In this little guide I will share some insights on how to become aware of your own energy and how to dispose of any excess energy your body may hold!

What is grounding?

When we ground, we consciously realign our energy with that of the Earth. The Earth has been playing an important part in our wellbeing since the dawn of time, as it supports us and recharges our cells on a daily basis. Most of us feel very comfortable and grounded when we walk in bare feet along the beach – that is just one of those opportunities where we connect with the Earth in order to ground ourselves.

When we ground ourselves we recharge not just our physical body, but we also address any mental, emotional or spiritual concerns that have been lingering in our energy field. Through the process of grounding we also balance the electrical charges in our body – positive and negative.

How do I know if I need grounding?

Your body is in constant communication with you and sends signals to you, to let you know how balanced you are at any given day and time. Most of us do know when we feel well – that is when we feel upbeat, excited, happy, content, joyous and optimistic. On the other side of the coin, we can also tell when we feel “off”.

The following symptoms point towards your energy being out of balance, disconnected from Earth:

  • feeling moody, down or depressed
  • feeling angry, anxious or agitated
  • feeling lost, lethargic, slow or forgetful with a tendency to procrastinate
  • experiencing day dreaming, forgetfulness or feeling lost
  • experiencing weight gain, dizziness, headaches & migraines, nausea
  • experiencing sleep problems or falling asleep when meditating

How can I ground myself?

Some of the techniques that you can do to ground your body are already part of your daily life. If you can bring conscious awareness to these processes, you are able to truly benefit from these techniques and help your body come back to balance in an effortless way.

Connect with nature and the earth:

  • Walk barefoot on the ground, at the beach or in your garden
  • Spend time in your garden, connecting with the earth and the plants
  • Touch or climb a tree or simply sit under it to read a book or have a picnic
  • Walk, jog or meditate outside
  • Take relaxing showers and imagine the water cleansing your physical & energy body

Incorporate the grounding colour red into your life:

  • Wear red socks or underwear
  • Wear red shoes
  • Add more red colour to your home

Expose your body to movement & vibration:

  • Jump up and down on the spot
  • Practice drumming with drums
  • Exercise by practicing Yoga or squats
  • Stomp your feet on the spot

Consume foods that are very grounding in nature:

  • Eat root veggies
  • Eat sweet potatoes & yams
  • Eat good quality proteins (eggs, nuts & meats)

Add grounding stones to your jewellery:

  • Select hematite, obsidian, black tourmaline, ruby or onyx
  • Choose a special stone that you picked up from a favourite place that you visited

Use essential oils in a diffuser or on your skin:

Incorporate holistic modalities:

  • Reiki (very grounding, balances energy)
  • Reflexology (brings awareness to your foot, opens up root chakra)

Kerstin Kramer Owner of Natural Health Touch


E-Mail: hybridhairanddetoxspa@rogers.com

dad pedicrystaltherpic



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Tips Tuesday – Mental Health Week

Celebrating Mental Health Week At HHDS

mental health week #1

Isn’t this a rosy picture?

This is what most people picture when they think of people who are truly mentally well.

But I have news for you!

It Ain’t All that Rosy all the time.

There is without a doubt varying degrees of Mental Health.

I had someone ask me the other day, (we had just met and had exchanged some personal info while I was styling her hair) “How do you stay so positive and happy?” Without even thinking I said, “Well, I guess I’m ok with not being happy all the time.” After I thought about it and realized how very important that statement had been. I love when my higher self takes over spontaneously and I get the chance to observe it later. I realized that in that statement resided the root of true happiness. Being ok with not being happy all the time allowed for acceptance. When we accept we stop resisting, and forcing outcomes. I realized that it is impossible to be happy all the time. It is unrealistic to assume that would be the definition of true Mental Health. I realized that when I was worried about the past or revisiting a painful memory this caused me unhappiness and I could choose to not live in that despair by releasing the past. I realised that by not resisting the natural flow of life which meant resisting change, allowed life to flow through me so I didn’t experience the feeling of fear of what was to come or anger for either losing what I have to make room for something better. I realized that resisting what was to come for fear of something bad happening actually prevented me from enjoying the experience of life and being disappointed that everything didn’t happen as I planned it. Actually it has been my experience of 40 years that usually everything turns out better then I could have planned and I am very often grateful for unanswered prayers because the universe truly knows best. I’m not saying I don’t still get tripped up and think of someone or something in the past that maybe has hurt me, but I release them and thank you for th lessons I learned from that experience. I still make plans and try to manifest ‘The Big Picture’ but if plans fall through I don’t get so attached, I and believe something better is in the works. When I manifest I ask that what I ask for or something better come to fruition, so if what I hoped for doesn’t happen, I know something greater is planned for me.

I know for many people this seems a little too idealistic, but I will tell you what has gotten me here.

Holistic Life Coaching


Energy Psychology

In training for my certifiecation to become a Holistic Life Coach I had no choice but to become the observer in my life and clear myself of everything that had held me back. The best part was that I was in the drivers seat with the best of co pilots. I loved how as I learned to become a Holistic Life Coach I had to travel through the good the bad and the ugly!

This has made me a better more empathetic Holistic Life Coach. I realize that we all start somewhere and we all have varying goals and different perspectives and approaches to our ideas of happiness and wellbeing.

I am so proud to be assisting others on their journey to more balanced Mental Health, and to celebrate this very important week to recognize this important awareness of equality and empathy I am offering 30 min Reiki and 30 min Holsitic Life Coaching package for only $50! Reg $80!

So whether you are a corporation looking for staff training or coaching

mental health week #3

Or wanting to embrace greater self love and acceptance

Mental Health Week #4

Looking for fulfilling relationships with your life partner

Mental Health Week #6

Or simply trying to access the child within

Mental Health Week #2

It would be my honor to be your Co Pilot!

Mental Health Week #5

Call for an appointment during the promotional valid until May 30th

I invite you to come learn more about Holistic Life Coaching, how the Writing On Your Wall impacts your entire life experience and how you can rewrite the writing with more positive Life experience guidance for a more fulfilling perspective on your reality.

The Writing on Your Wall 3 hour Workshop Saturday May 30th only $30


Hybrid Hair And Detox Spa

Train to become a Certified Holistic Life Coach with me starting this fall


The Institute For Harmonious Living!  Coming Soon!

Tips Tuesday – Mental Health Week

Celebrating Mental Health Week At HHDS

mental health week #1

Isn’t this a rosy picture?

This is what most people picture when they think of people who are truly mentally well.

But I have news for you!

It Ain’t All that Rosy all the time.

There is without a doubt varying degrees of Mental Health.

I had someone ask me the other day, (we had just met and had exchanged some personal info while I was styling her hair) “How do you stay so positive and happy?” Without even thinking I said, “Well, I guess I’m ok with not being happy all the time.” After I thought about it and realized how very important that statement had been. I love when my higher self takes over spontaneously and I get the chance to observe it later. I realized that in that statement resided the root of true happiness. Being ok with not being happy all the time allowed for acceptance. When we accept we stop resisting, and forcing outcomes. I realized that it is impossible to be happy all the time. It is unrealistic to assume that would be the definition of true Mental Health. I realized that when I was worried about the past or revisiting a painful memory this caused me unhappiness and I could choose to not live in that despair by releasing the past. I realised that by not resisting the natural flow of life which meant resisting change, allowed life to flow through me so I didn’t experience the feeling of fear of what was to come or anger for either losing what I have to make room for something better. I realized that resisting what was to come for fear of something bad happening actually prevented me from enjoying the experience of life and being disappointed that everything didn’t happen as I planned it. Actually it has been my experience of 40 years that usually everything turns out better then I could have planned and I am very often grateful for unanswered prayers because the universe truly knows best. I’m not saying I don’t still get tripped up and think of someone or something in the past that maybe has hurt me, but I release them and thank you for th lessons I learned from that experience. I still make plans and try to manifest ‘The Big Picture’ but if plans fall through I don’t get so attached, I and believe something better is in the works. When I manifest I ask that what I ask for or something better come to fruition, so if what I hoped for doesn’t happen, I know something greater is planned for me.

I know for many people this seems a little too idealistic, but I will tell you what has gotten me here.

Holistic Life Coaching


Energy Psychology

In training for my certifiecation to become a Holistic Life Coach I had no choice but to become the observer in my life and clear myself of everything that had held me back. The best part was that I was in the drivers seat with the best of co pilots. I loved how as I learned to become a Holistic Life Coach I had to travel through the good the bad and the ugly!

This has made me a better more empathetic Holistic Life Coach. I realize that we all start somewhere and we all have varying goals and different perspectives and approaches to our ideas of happiness and wellbeing.

I am so proud to be assisting others on their journey to more balanced Mental Health, and to celebrate this very important week to recognize this important awareness of equality and empathy I am offering 30 min Reiki and 30 min Holsitic Life Coaching package for only $50! Reg $80!

So whether you are a corporation looking for staff training or coaching

mental health week #3

Or wanting to embrace greater self love and acceptance

Mental Health Week #4

Looking for fulfilling relationships with your life partner

Mental Health Week #6

Or simply trying to access the child within

Mental Health Week #2

It would be my honor to be your Co Pilot!

Mental Health Week #5

Call for an appointment during the promotional valid until May 30th

I invite you to come learn more about Holistic Life Coaching, how the Writing On Your Wall impacts your entire life experience and how you can rewrite the writing with more positive Life experience guidance for a more fulfilling perspective on your reality.

The Writing on Your Wall 3 hour Workshop Saturday May 30th only $30


Hybrid Hair And Detox Spa

Archived posts you will LOVE, tips and advice!

Tips Tuesday

What’s better Shaving or Waxing?

Many myths surround the concept of waxing versus shaving, one is the belief that the hair grows back thicker and darker.  This is definitely true of shaving as the process of shaving is the action of cutting the hair off mid shaft. This causes each shaft of hair to have a blunt end that then grows out of the skin thicker and stronger, sometimes darker.

Waxing however pulls each hair out of the hair follicle which is to say that it is removed from the skin completely, causing the hair to have to re-establish itself and sometimes damaging the papilla permanently over time.   This can prevent future hair growth.  When the new hair grows in it is young and weak and therefore softer, thinner and sometimes lighter in colour.  The new hair is easier to remove making it less painful during subsequent visits.

So I suppose the answer is based on your individual likes and dislikes.  Shaving is sometimes more convenient,  and cheaper, but the regrowth is instant and maintenance tedious, the results short and scratchy!  many semsitive skin types prefer waxing as shaving can cause unsightly razor burn.  Waxing is more painful at first, but the smooth results last 4-6 weeks depending on your personal hair growth speed.  Be sure to use a loofah or other exfoliating scrub on waxed areas as the hair acts as a route for sebaceous oils to excrete from the skin, once the hair is removed, the oils get trapped inside the skin and can cause bumps and in grown hairs, so scrub that waxed area to allow for free regrowth to come through uninhibited.  The regrowth is virtually  undetectable and if you prebook your appt,  every Wednesday wax day is 10% off all waxing and 50% of Brazilians!





Tips Tuesday

Preventing Hair Amputation!

This time of year is notorious for fragile brittle ends of your hair!  Long or short, hair is pummeled by the transition from Hot indoors to Freezing outdoors!  Hair cuticle, like your skins pores, opens and closes with heat and cold.  The wind and dry air also dry out the hairs ends, this causes a perfect environment for damage ends.  If you haven’t been upping your moisture regimen during the winter, which is advisable, Spring is the time to remedy the situation.  BE CAREFUL WITH THE OILS!  Everyone is crazy about oils!  Coconut, Aragan, Grapeseed, etc!  But don’t forget the reaction between oil and water\moisture!  If you are lathering on the oil, you might find your hair getting dryer!  Just use oils in moderation and don’t think it replaces essential moisture because it doesn’t.  Hot oil treatments included!!  if you have naturally curly dry hair make sure you use rich moisturizing Shampoos and Conditioners. Make sure you add a deep conditioning treatment once a month.  I use Super Conditioner from Onesta EVER TIME I shampoo and condition because I have very dry hair and it prevents it from being brittle and fly away.  Lavender Love Shampoo and Conditioner from the HHDS organics line is good too.  ALWAYS comb your conditioner through in the shower, it evenly distributes your conditioner and minimizes how much you need to use.  This makes your hair more manageable and shiny.

In the end Spring is the perfect time to trim those dry ends and try a fresh new look, a couple inches is NOT considered an amputation, from mid back to shoulders might be in order to deal with the split ends that have spread up the hair shaft due to under nourishing treatment of your hair so make sure you pour on the moisture!  We have been posting some fun spring and summer looks on our facebook page!  Make sure you get on there  to look! And if you are eager for a flirty new look, bring a picture in and we  will transform your tresses to the envy of all!



Winter Blues Remedy!

Feeling blue?  Often affected by the lack of exposure to the sun during these extreme winter months?  This is commonly known as SAD.  This is a very serious deficiency of vitamin D that impacts your daily life and can have extreme negative affects on your professional and personal life.  Difficulty waking in the morning, restless sleep, gloominess and moodiness, lack of energy and negative thoughts.  Some people have found relief with specialty lamps or vitamin supplements, others need more support.

At HHDS we offer Mind Body and Spirit Personal Nurturing.  From head to toe, inside and out, we can make you feel and look like a million bucks!  Whether you suffer from sever SAD or simply feeling a little depleted and need a top up of positive energy, energy treatments like Reiki, Shamballa and Celtic Reiki will provide the shot of balancing energy you are looking for.  For more extreme cases, one hour treatments pre booked anywhere between weekly to monthly appointments can have staggeringly positive impact on this serious disorder.  In less severe cases we recommend paying attention to your own well being and booking in for a treatment when the urge prompts you.

Energy treatments have more positive side affects then just treating SAD, I encourage you to look up some miraculous claims energy treatments offer.  To demystify the experience, these treatments are offered fully clothed while lying on a treatment table or in a chair, can last between 15 minutes to 1 hour.  The energy treatment practitioner can either place their hands at the sight of each energy point or ‘Chakra’ on the body or can hover their hands over the body, depending on the clients comfort level.  The whole experience is calming, de-stressing and VERY relaxing.

We boast several options of self care treatments for your hair, skin and energy levels.  We encourage you to have fun sampling our ample menu of nurturing experiences that are essential for your over all well being.



I’m engaged and so excited to plan my wedding day look. Is there a rule about wearing my hair up or down? 

This day is all about you, and the last thing you want to stress about is your wedding day look. We have a few bridal packages to offer, If you check out our website.https://hybridhairanddetoxspa.wordpress.com/packagespricing/.

These are awesome packages to consider because they give you the chance to consult with your stylist, and make-up artist, and also pamper you before your big day. We have thought of everything you need to prep for your day in each package.  It’s important for a stylist to have a good idea of the theme of your wedding, romantic, sophisticated or funky.  You also want to have a style that best compliments your dress! Bring in a picture of your dress, and we’ll sit talk about a hairstyle that will look most fitting with your dress and reflect the theme for your big day while considering your personal style. In the end, there is no rule when it comes to how your hair should be done; it’s your day!

BONUS TIPS: Don’t forget to book your appointment for Wednesday Wax Day and Facial Friday. Good appointment times still available!


I’m going to Prom this year and I want to get my hair and makeup done. How soon should I book my appointment and what do I have to do to make sure I get the look I want?

Prom is a very special event, but it also coincides with another big season – Weddings!

Once you find out the date or your prom, it would be ideal to book your appointment as soon as possible. This is a positive gesture to guarantee your spot in our schedule. We offer a consultation and trial service, which could be scheduled prior to the prom date to discuss the look you want to achieve. At this appointment, it would be recommended that you bring in pictures and describe what your favorite features are about the styles. This way the stylist and esthetician can communicate with you about your service, and also input their ideas to achieve your desired look for your prom. Keep an eye on our website where there are monthly promotions and package deals!