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Tips Tuesday – Healthy Self Love = Heart Health! Happy V-Day XO


This is my Valentines gift to you from us at HHDS!  I posted these videos for you to understand how SELF LOVE is the first step to any other harmonious relationship.  The Relationship you have with yourself is reflected in relationships outside of you. If you completely unconditionally love and accept yourself you will be more capable of unconditionally loving and accepting others!  Fun thing is, We think we know what unconditional love is, but really very few do.  Unconditional love is the complete acceptance of others and self.  Regardless of How they behave, What they do or don’t do,Where they are in their own awareness an physical distance, Why they think the way thy do and Who they are.  There are no conditions.  Many people are not capable of loving themselves to this degree let alone others.  And to repeat, you must do this for yourself before you can experience the bliss of an unconditional relationship with another.  So where do you begin to create unconditional love for yourself and create blissful health happiness and magnetic energy to those around you attracting others that will respect you and accept you just as you are?   All of these videos will explain why it is SOOOO important to recognize the absolute necessity of Self Care.  Self Care is another way of saying, Self Love and it is the awareness of your own mind, body and spiritual state Being mindful of whether or not you are in a favorable state that supports a optimal health in all three of these areas, is what is required as a first step.  When you balance your stress, frustration, negative thoughts, your over all wellbeing and self acceptance will improve.  But NOONE ELSE can do this for you since you are the only one with access to your inner awareness which is your gauge to your over all vibrational wellbeing.  Whether you are single or in a relationship this awareness is indispensable!

If you are single becoming more aware of your inner peace or chaos will help you create greater inner awareness so you can address unhealthy inner behavior manifesting turmoil outside of you.   This will begin to reflect outside of you on a regular basis.  As this happens you begin to attract that which you desire, a balance supportive unconditional relationship.  The funny thing is , as you focus on your own health and respect your mind body spirit health, more unexpected opportunities to begin new healthy relationships will pop up unexpectedly!  So focus on your care, increase your health and be a magnet for happy new beginnings!

If you are in a relationship it is equally imperative that you focus and schedule in Self Care/Love. Relationships are a reflection of our personal health.  If you are in an unhealthy relationship void of balance, acceptance, nurturing and mutual support it is because you have STARVED yourself of these beautiful energizing needs.  As we fulfill our own needs, we rely less on others, become less of a burden, become less judgmental and in turn others feel less pressured to have to be the one to sustain you as most people barely can meet their own needs!

This is a different approach to what we have been ‘trained’ or ‘programmed’ to believe.  I have an amazing workshop called ‘The Writing On Your Wall’ coming up this February 23rd from 6-9 @AuthentikaStudio on Marsland drive, which will help you examine the ‘Programming’ on your wall of awareness that repeats unhealthy behaviors and habits that create a cycle of pain inside you and reflect outside of you in relationships personally and professionally.  To reserve a seat call 519-886-8624

Ways to show yourself Self Love/Care is to do things that make you feel light, happy, relaxed!  Walking in nature, meditation, massage, napping, reading, mani’s pedi’s, facials, energy treatments all infuse your body with feel good frequencies, that allow your mind body and spirit to relax and let the highly intelligent body to heal without the silly distractions of our mind drama created by artificial danger causing negative chemicals released into our systems.  Check out our amazing Valentines Day Promos for Self Love and Care for sngles and couples on our ‘Current Promotions’ Page.

Enjoy the videos and have a Happy Valentines Day filled with Self Love and Self Care!