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HHDS  Workshops 2021

Join me and other families for our Family Feelings hour!  Looking for fun interactive ways to spend family day together?

  • Learn some really important life long skills and tools to work through emotions! 
  • Get up and move around!
  • Embrace Mental and Emotional Health Sustainability and Anti Fragility Together!

Register by etransfering $20 per family to: 

You will receive a printable quick flip remind booklet and the link to the event!  See you there!


FRC Inspired and Restorative Yoga with Erin,

Coming SOON!


Book Private Sessions in Waterloo Region or Mount Forest with Erin

To Register for Group Yoga sessions

Coming Again Soon!!

Mental Health Support
Bi weekly Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence support group

The Institute For Harmonious Living Located in Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa is offering a biweekly Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence Support group.  Meeting Every other weekend, Saturdays @ 3pm .  Our goal is to make Emotional Support, Anxiety reduction and Depression Management more accessible to our local community.  small groups (No greater the 5 people) will connect and learn skills and tools to offset the side affects of sometimes debilitating emotional challenges.   With wait lists for mental and emotional health support so extremely long in our area, this form of support provides affordable, accessible and sustainable support!

Call for details and to register 519-261-1976, ask for Erin

For Mind Body and Spirit Health and Wellness!

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