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HHDS  Workshops 2021-2022


So Many Exciting New Things !

HHDS Art Gallery 3rd Exhibit showing up to March 1 2022 …

Are you an artist?  Do you know one? 

We are offering FREE Wall space and No Commission rates to local artists!  Email us at 

For more info on how to have your work in our Upstairs Gallery Exhibit space.  We will be announcing viewing options as soon as all the work is dropped off and the exhibit designed, super excited!


Beginning Nov 4th ’21!!

NEW !!  Yoga Classes and Holistic Life Coaching

weekly study Group Options! 

Each class pre register by emailing

      or call 519-261-1976                        to confirm your spot.  Yoga classes are limited to 4 in person, online unlimited.  HLC Study Group 10 in person

With Erin Kiers

FRC Yoga ~ $20

Movement Classes 1 Hour Joint Prep, Tendon and Ligament care prior to big movement.  Maintaining and Increasing range of motion to reduce injury not just in class but in every day movement.  Move more mindfully and more sustainably.  currently 2 classes a week, future classes may be added based on demand:

3pm Thursdays

3pm Saturdays

Restorative Yoga ~ $20

Reparative for the mind body and soul.  Soothe shredded nerves.  Improve Mental Health, Circulation and digestion.  These Essential Yoking of Mind and Body is the most effective cup filling class you can participate in.  Currently 2 classes a week, future classes may be added based on demand:

4:30 Thursdays

4:30 Saturdays

Holistic Life Coaching Study Group ~ $20

Meet in a group once a week for mental and emotional skills and tools with collective support and empathy.  These small group sessions are meant to introduce you to Holistic Life Coaching and Energy Psychology in an affordable and informal setting.  Making mental and emotional well being and sustainability accessible to our local community has been at the root of Erin’s return to her home town.  Group attendees enjoy 20% off private sessions with Erin to discuss more sensitive challenges.  Private sessions and HLC as well as EP Certification  Training is available to those who wish to commit fully to their personal transformation journey.  Potential future career opportunities in the mental and emotional health field available to you in your own practice and even teaching others post successful Exam completion and certification. 

Every Wednesday 6-7

****Prepaid Packages available for Yoga and Holistic Life Coaching. 

10 Classes for $180 ($18 per class)

20 Classes $299 ($15 per class)


Owner of HHDS and IHL,

Master Stylist

Reiki Master

Holistic Life Coach/Energy Psychologist






FRC Inspired and Restorative Yoga with Erin,

Here NOW!



For Mind Body and Spirit Health and Wellness!

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