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Tips Tuesday – Living Plastic Free Part 4 Last Installment


In our last installment of Living Plastic Free, we cover a few less thought off areas of our lives!  I hope you have found this to be helpful, we have enjoyed learning more ourselves and are looking forward to doing another over haul in our practices @ HHDS.  Involving this big change please watch here for BIG NEWS COMING SOON!


Plastic-Free Pet Care

  1. Choose natural cat litter.
  1. Choose pet toys/furniture made from natural materials instead of plastic.
  1. Avoid plastic bowls.
  1. Buy secondhand pet supplies instead of new.


  1. Learn to make homemade pet food without much plastic.



Get it Fixed!

  1. Repair things when they break.


Buy Secondhand

  1. Acquire necessary plastic items used instead of new.


Packing and Shipping Materials

  1. Request zero plastic packaging when ordering online.
  1. Get off mailing lists to reduce plastic envelope windows.
  2. Get online billing



In the Office

  1. Make your own glue. homemade wheat paste that really works.
  1. Avoid disposable plastic pens.



Electronics & Entertainment

  1. Look for secondhand electronics, games, and toys first.
  1. Choose refurbished equipment from a certified e-steward.
  1. Take care of what you have already/Repair it
  1. Avoid buying new CDs and DVDs.

They are made from polycarbonate plastic, after all. Instead, I download music and movies and borrow DVDs from Netflix or the library.

  1. Learn to recycle old disks.
  1. Choose healthier electronics.
  1. Find DIY solutions for techno needs.



Gift Giving and Receiving

  1. Learn strategies for green gift-giving. Experiences are the best option!
  1. Consider giving charitable gift cards.
  1. Request plastic-free gifts for yourself.
  1. Find ways to wrap gifts without plastic tape.


Holidays and Entertaining

  1. Bring your own beverage container & ustensils to parties and events.
  1. Throw a Zero Waste party.
  1. Re-think your Christmas tree.

Most artficial trees are made from toxic PVC.  Opt for a real, sustainably-grown and harvested tree, a live tree that can be planted, or an artificial tree made from natural materials.  There are “trees” made from recycled cardboardwood, or even recycled glass bottles.

  1. Skip holiday plastic tchotkes.



No New Plastic Clothing

  1. Choose natural fibers.

So much new clothing these days is made from synthetic materials with names like: polyester, acrylic, lycra, spandex, nylon.

  1. Shop thrift stores.
  1. Make your own clothes.
  1. Look for plastic-free shoes.
  1. Choose ethical underwear.



Camping and Outdoors

  1. Choose plastic-free camping equipment.



Avoid unnecessary plastic around the house

  1. Stop buying plastic water filter cartridges unless necessary.



If You Do Nothing Else

  1. Avoid the Worst Plastics


If you do nothing else, try to steer clear of Polyvinyl Chloride (#3 PVC), Polystyrene (#6 PS), & Polycarbonate (#7 Other).  PVC is found in many, many products and causes a whole host of environmental problems. Read my post about the problems of PVC. PS contains styrene, which is toxic to the brain and nervous system. PC contains BPA.  Read more about BPA here. If you must use plastic, make sure it’s not #3, #6, or #7 polycarbonate. (Note: #7 is a catch-all for many types of plastic that doesn’t fit into the first six categories. Biodegradable plastic is also labeled #7. So when in doubt, ask.)


Tips Tuesday – Living Plastic Free Part 3


Of course @HHDS we are doing our best to stay Green and Conscious with everything we do, but we can ALWAYS do more!  I love searching for safer options!  If you are like me and you too are inspired by the commitment others have to making a difference you will enjoy this weeks lists to achieve Plastic Free Living!  If you come across any other great tips please share!


Personal Care

  1. Check labels of personal care products!

Did you know some facial scrubs and other personal care products contain tiny plastic beads? Avoid anything with “polyethylene” listed as an ingredient.

  1. Use bar soap instead of liquid hand soap.

Bar soap gets rinsed off every time you use it. The plastic pump? Not so much. Where do you think the most germs are accumulating?

  1. Give up shampoo in plastic bottles.
  1. Try hair salves and pomades in metal tins or glass jars. (Like our HHDS Organics option, they are also refillable!)
  1. Color hair at a professional salon like HHDS that uses Ammonia Free colour AND responsibly disposes of the residual colour and packaging with Green Circle Salon waste management!.
  1. Baking soda is the best deodorant EVER.

Instead of deodorant in a plastic container, use baking soda mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil applied to dry underarms with a reusable cotton round. It works better than any commercial deodorant I have ever used. Seriously. If you don’t think baking soda deo is your thing, there are other options.

  1. Use soap instead of canned shave cream.
  1. Choose lotions and lip balms in plastic-free containers.


  1. Switch from a plastic razor to a second hand safety razor or at least to minimize a reusable handle and disposable blades, better still take advantage of Weds Wax Day 50% off Brazilians and 10% off all other waxing.
  1. Use less plastic tooth paste/powder, toothbrush, and floss. make your own with coconut oil and baking soda
  2. Use coconut oil and baking soda all the time for many personal care needs!
  1. Choose toilet paper that’s not wrapped in plastic.

Seventh Generation recycled individually wrapped toilet paper can be ordered by the case through It comes in a cardboard box without any plastic wrapping. Evergreen and Bumboosa are also plastic-free brands.

  1. Use plastic-free feminine hygiene products

14 Look into plastic-free sunscreen options.

I’ve found two great plastic-free sunscreens: Balm! Baby and Avasol.

  1. Choose a plastic-free wooden hair brush.

Medication and Healthcare

  1. Find Do-It-Yourself alternatives for over-the-counter remedies. Essential oils, Crystals and energy work as well as other home remedies lemon and honey, ginger and many more!
  1. Use handkerchiefs instead of paper tissue.


  1. Bring your own water bottle — even on the plane!
  1. Bring your own snacks.
  1. Bring your own utensils..
  1. Bring your own travel mug.
  1. Don’t forget your headphones.
  1. Bring your own personal care products.
  1. Refuse the mini bar.


Hope you enjoyed this weeks installment for healthier Plastic Free Living!  Just writing this Blogg is helping me stay accountable I hope you too are finding it’s helping you stay motivated!  until next week!  In the mean time enjoy this article, it will leave you inspired by the efforts of the next generation!


Tips Tuesday – Living Plastic Free Part 2

plastic 2

Last week we started a month long Tips Tuesday segment on Living Plastic Free!  It has motivated me at home and work how about you?  We can always do more!


Kitchen Ware Continued!

  1. Choose a glass blender.
  1. Spin salad without plastic.
  1. Choose a stainless steel ice cube tray.


  1. Use stainless steel popsicle molds.



Make It From Scratch

  1. Make your own yogurt without a yogurt maker!.
  1. Make your own soy or nut milk.
  1. Make your own condiments.


Make your own snacks.



No More Plastic Trash Bags

  1. Compost food waste.


Household Cleaning

  1. Clean with vinegar and water.
  1. Baking soda is a fantastic scouring powder.
  2. Use powdered dishwasher detergent in a cardboard box.
  1. Hand wash dishes without plastic.


  1. Use natural cleaning cloths and scrubbers instead of plastic scrubbers and synthetic sponges:
  1. Wash laundry with soap nuts or laundry powders without a plastic scoop.
  1. A reusable Swiffer cloth is great for those of us who already own a Swiffer mop.
  1. Use natural rubber gloves.


Many alternatives to plastic can be found on line, awesome metal, and glass products and recipes that support plastic free living AND in turn provide greater nutrition with less fillers and chemicals.  Until next week when we continue our quest for complete Plastic Free Living!