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Tips Tuesday – C/O Institute For Harmonious Living, Part of The Problem or Part of The Solution?

There will always be a problem or challenge or injustice for someone somewhere.  The latest ability to raise awareness is social media. Accurate or not, it is one of the most effective ways to share information.  However I will be suggesting here that what we now know about energy transference, perhaps we are adding to the Problem more then the Solution?  Some people will recognize my favorite poem here:

The Responsibility Poem – Charles Osgood

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.

Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.

Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job.

Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody

when Nobody did

what Anybody could have done

One of my many collections of favorite quotes and inspiring thoughts is the following:  Mother Theresa never joins an ‘Anti-War’ Rally or ‘Anti-Racism’ Rally, she would always join ‘Pro-Peace’ or ‘Pro-Love’ Rallies though.  Do you see the difference?

I have been told by many people disdainfully that I am an overly sensitive person, or too lovey dovey or too forgiving or just too soft.  But here’s the thing we all have a purpose and that is mine.  I am also a ‘Fixer’, this combination is dangerous!  I see injustice, pain, havoc, unrest and I look for ways to assist, Heck that’s how I ended up opening KW’s First Eco Friendly Salon and Spa!  I recently posted on facebook a question to my friends, ‘We Have History Class, Why Not Future Class, Where Kids Discuss, Brainstorm and in General Manifest Amazing Future Inventions, And Solutions For Economic Problems, Eco Problems and Racial Issues, Among Other Global Imbalances?’

hugging cow

I recently was exposed to two videos on facebook, no doubt they were accurately depicting some farmer somewhere executing horrific acts upon animals, calves to be exact, many of you are probably familiar with this/these video(s). (For some balanced clarity I was raised on a farm where animals were respected and handled with earnest care)  I have not finished viewing it either time I was exposed to it.  You see I can’t, I am physically negatively impacted by it, emotionally negatively impacted by it, psychologically negatively impacted by it.  Just as I was before I made the efforts to start HHDS.  So I ask the makers of these videos, what is the motivation behind the videos?  Did you contact the proper authorities?  Is this just sensationalism?  If this is in an effort to create change has anyone done anything or do we think we are saving animals by sharing the video, because we are not.  There is a responsibility that we have to our fellow human being, our fellow species, our friendly planet that ‘allows’ us to inhabit it’s surface.  I understand many who get ovewhelmed, I have felt that way thiking, what could i possibly do?  I’m just one person.  I have and still do feel that way sometimes, but then I read the previous poems and quotes.  If YOU don’t WHO WILL?

So let’s look at the energy behind the spreading of negative comments, videos or statements.  Not everyone would agree here thinking that everyone should enjoy the freedom of speech.  How does it make the ‘Sharer’ feel?  What is their motivation?  Are they doing enough to help?  Are they continuing their efforts to help after the video is sent?  Think of that negative feeling shared by the new watcher?  The process your mind, emotions and then the triggers of fight or flight the body experiences.  We now understand that the body sends out chemicals that are meant to only be expelled during a violent attack to fight off or flee from the perpetrator.  What then does this person do to assist the victims portrayed in the video?  I’m not just talking about Calves (animals), but Immigrants, suppressed minorities, children, individuals with mental illness.  We have UnPlugged while Plugging in more to technology, becoming more and more desensitized.  We think that by ‘Informing’ people, that ‘Informing alone’ is enough.  It’s not, this is a luxury we can no longer relax into ignorance blindly.  The Planet and all of it’s inhabitants NEED YOU.  Not someone else, YOU.

What will you choose to be?  Part of the Problem?  Or Part of the Solution?


Problem: Mistreatment of Cattle/Livestock

Solution: Compile a list of local (Preferably Organic) farmers that treat their livestock with care and respect and offer sales to the community directly and share this list on social media.  Attempt to contact either the person who originally recorded the video to see if the animals have been rescued, if not seek out local authorities.  Done.

If you are like me and find yourself very sensitive and suffer from anxiety witnessing the pain of the world, trust me the pain , and collective guilt of being part of the problem subsides as soon as you take action and be part of the Solution!  This Positive action step on your personal part is so empowering and relieves the anxiety as you lead others by example, creating greater and greater consciousness in others too!  Next time you see something you know is wrong, you feel is not right, you recognize in your heart and soul is against humanity, be the change, pick up the phone, contact the authorities, stop the spread of fear and pain that perpetuates more fear and pain.

 What would Mother Theresa do?

 What will you do?

multi cultural

Tips Tuesday – Sustainable Stability



Do you have trouble sleeping?
Are you wanting more positive relationship connections to your parents, or your children?
Are you attaining all of your career goals?
Do you wish you had a deeper connection to your partner?
Are you finding you are running out of hours in the day to meet all of your expectations?
Are you fearful of the state the world is in?

These questions seem all quite random but in reality are all connected. Through a ‘W-Holistic’ Life Coaching approach all of these challenges become one. As you are connected to all things, what is within you is what you create outside of you, a seemingly ‘specific’ approach will not work. Your marriage affects your job, your job affects the relationship with your kids, and your lack of energy meeting every demand that comes at you lowers your energy even more and prevents you from being the best you, you can be. I will be discussing how understanding your programs, beliefs and roles you play in your relationships affect every experience you have, and how your life will unfold from this point forward. My goal is to finally and indefinitely give you back your power. Not by giving you tips on marketing your business, or how to ask your partner nicely to do the dishes, but to get to the very originating point of programed awareness that has created the imbalance within YOU in the first place. Come join me for an introduction to an active approach to your own inner work that will empower you by giving you the TOOLS and SKILLS to overcome ANY obstacle that ever comes your way while enjoying relationships and experiences that truly feed your soul while perpetuating world peace!

For more info or to book a seat call 519-404-6627, or


Tips Tuesday – ReAcquaint Yourself with our ‘Green” Family and check out some of their latest work!

ReAcquaint Yourself with our ‘Green” Family and check out some of their latest work!


Many of you know the lovely Elena, who has been with me since before the birth of HHDS!  She partnered with me and my Daughter Morgan Minnick who has begun training to become a licenced stylist for our latest photo shoot! Some may recognize Morgan as the Original ‘Face’ of HHDS, but this time she was behind the camera, it looks like my Daughter Emma has taken her place in front of the camera!  LOL!  We showcase their work here…


ElenaMorgan Minnick Now this..IMG_20151213_1129399~2

Elena and Morgan




We have been excited to expand our Green Family to include, Lea as a Styling Apprentice, She also offers Aroma Therapy Services, Crystal Healing, Reiki and Astrology Birth Charts!  Kim has joined our team as an Esthetician offering full skin  services especially loving Massage and Attuned in Reiki as well!


Lea Wrightkim fischer

Lea and Kim




Of course many of you know and love our Jenna who also worked with Elena for this shoot!  Jenna has really honed her skills this year and shows off great enthusiasm with one of her favorite services, braiding!  She is also really enjoying extreme coloring , samples of which we will display for you soon!


Jenna and Elena




Of course I always get a little carried away!  And Why Not?!  Shoots are meant to be creative and fun so off I went to the extreme LOL!

IMG_0304IMG_0308 IMG_0319

IMG_0342 IMG_0355IMG_0333IMG_0339

IMG_0403 IMG_0406 IMG_0410 IMG_0411 IMG_0417 IMG_0427

IMG_0480 IMG_0481 IMG_0485

IMG_0522 IMG_0543 IMG_0627IMG_0520

IMG_0667 IMG_0707 IMG_0689 IMG_0656 IMG_0661

Was it fun?  HELL YA!  We love what we do, and it shows!  We do these Photo Shoots To remind everyone that GREEN IS SEXY!  Also many people claim that Eco Products don’t work as well, well, we have proven that statement wrong as well!  We get outstanding Colour, Ammonia Free, amazing hold, with 70%-80% Aloe Vera first Hair cleansing and styling products, gorgeous glossy Polish shades and Shellacs that last!

I want to thank all of our models who participated and braved the chilly air to get these shots, you were outstanding and it was worth the discomfort to get such amazing Fall Colors as our natural back drop!  Watch for more fun Eco-Shoots coming again soon!

Like some of these looks?  Book in for Holiday Hair and Skin as well as Energy treatments to help you keep your sanity throughout the Holiday Season!



December 2015 Holiday Hours

December 2015 Holiday Hours


December 2015 Holiday Hours

December 22 10-6

December 23 10-8

December 24 10-4

December 25 Closed Merry Christmas!

December 26 Closed Happy Boxing Day!

December 29 10-6

December 30 10-8

December 31 10-5 Happy New Years Eve!

January 1 Happy 2016!

jewish hlidaychristmas symbol2ganesh


Tips Tuesday – Radio Silence! Ooops! Tuning Back in!

radio static

Tips Tuesday – Radio Silence! Ooops! Tuning Back in!

Wow!  It’s been a wild ride for a few weeks!  I tend to be a pretty intense person.  I don’t just ASK how you are doing I want to know every detail, why you feel that way and how we can improve it!

 So what happens when the wires cross, the station loses connection, you go off the tracks, you get the idea.  This is what happened to me! It happens to everyone once in a while!  It turns into a crazy downward spiral as your thoughts get the best of you, how everyone and everything has done you wrong, how victimized you feel, how everything you touch turns to s#!%.  Well I rode that train now for a couple weeks, getting so distracted I found myself forgetting my own skills and tools to redirect, rebalance and reboot myself.  I am so grateful though, because through all of this I was reminded of how easy it is to fall back into old traits old behaviors.  It reminded me of how easy it is to get back on the right track too, adding that people who have never found their right flow can easily find it with guidance.  It reminded me of the negative thought patterns that can try to convince you that you are stuck, hopeless, helpless, and alone, that are all lies, but seem quite convincing at the time when your frequency is low.

It was a succession of family emergencies, a fall inducing great physical pain, a busy season for HHDS, efforts to maintain two businesses with The Institute For Harmonious Living and then the inevitable Technology failure.  Two websites inaccessible at once.  Dunt Dunt Duuuuuuuh.  For my overwhelmed system it was all too much and tight chest, bad eating habits, lack of sleep, fight and flight, physical pain from the fall all began to ensue the onslaught of depression and grief began.  Reminding me of the loss of my father, the distance from family, the efforts in vain to keep two buisnesses floating.  I even started noticing a cold trying to sneak in the back door!  So what did I do?????  You won’t bevel it.  You ready?…….


I got a long over due hair cut, a pedicure, I had a long soak in a Himalayan salt and baking soda bath, I wore crystals EVERYWHERE, used essential oils, meditated, did EFT in the shower, did yoga, started juicing, got re inspired through links to Mindvalley, and did a couple of angel card readings just for me, while reminding myself of all of the tools I had at my disposal to be well and stay well.  How empowering.  Not once did I have to reach outside of myself to feel better.  If anything when I did indulge that lower vibration addict to share my grief and complain during breif weak moments the whoa-is-me story, it actually made me feel worst.

So no, there is no magic pill to feel/get better.  But it doesn’t cost anything once you have mastered the basics in self care, and you don’t have to make an appointment with a Dr and get a prescription or even leave the house.  There are so many tools at your disposal, and you can build on your tool kit by learning Reiki, reading self care books you are intuitively drawn to, by finding Alternative Health Care practitioners and service providers like HHDS to offer you Reiki infused services that can enhance your empowerment self care tool kit!

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in daily regimens to keep a person balanced and strong, and for the most part unshakable, however life doesn’t always throw the same patterns at you, sometimes everything happens at once and even the most seasoned self care guru can be toppled.  This is a good reminder of how we are all equal, and human.

I shared this vulnerable Tips Tuesday because I know better then anyone the emotional impact events in our lives can have, how seasons can affect us, how feeling hopeless can feel like a bottomless pit.  Before I attained Reiki Level one and opened HHDS my reality was very different from now, I did not have the tools and skills to bring myself out. Strangely from the outside my life could have looked rather perfect to many while on the inside storms brewed!  But from that helpless place I found hints here and there to stash away for a later day when it would be useful again to me, and now to you, through our services at HHDS and the Coaching, Workshops and Certification Programs to empower you through The institute For Harmonious Living, (

My goal is to show you and your family that there are options, there is hope and illness in all of it’s forms, mind, body and spirit, are more then just manageable.  Your reality really is in your hands and as each person recognizes this, the implications on the world is profound healing and peace.

WE here at HHDS and at the Institute For Harmonious Living are here for you to begin your own Self Care Healing journey.  If I can do it anyone can!  Are you ready?



calm listening

mental health week #1