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Tips Tuesday – Loving Mama


How do you show your Mom, Dad, Guardian that you love and appreciate them?  How do you show that to anyone you care about?  A lot of people are all up in arms about holidays and wasting our money on ‘Hallmark Holiday Money Makers’, however in a world struggling more and more with emotional and psychological problems I pose the question, are we celebrating enough?


Don’t get me wrong I am shifting more and more towards simplistic living, and have for many years have enjoyed holistic living, but there are ways to still celebrate and be mindful at the same time.  If anything the two go quite well hand in hand.  When we think of celebrating or of how we appreciate others our minds and bodies shift to a positive frequency.  By planning ways to surprise others or celebrate them in any way can create hours of fun and entertainment if you do it from the heart.  It actually makes both you and the receiver healthier!  Part of why so many complain about holidays is either they have received an inauthentic gift or they are giving them.  Thoughtless gestures turn into dust collectors or land fillers.  So if you were to truly sit and think about someone you care about, devote some time to it don’t rush it.  What have they done for you?  What do they mean to you?  How long would you like them around for?  Now, what is one thing they would love to do, have , experience that up till now they might have denied themselves.  It could be time sitting with a tea and reading a good book.  You could babysit their kids, and get them a box of their favorite tea with a side of poetry, or maybe its simpler, or more complex.  Either way you have the capacity to send them a message on a special day, and no it does not have to be a pre labeled pre packaged version, if you wish to be rebellious and make a stand offer this gesture the day before or after, but don’t avoid it all together.

People deserve thanks, they deserve acknowledgment for all they do for us.  Especially when they don’t do it enough for themselves.  We have several lovely Self Care experiences @ HHDS to honor mom check out our Current Promotions Page for a list of May/Mothers Day services we lovingly discounted for the person you wish to celebrate!

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