Tips Tuesday – Rough Road Ahead!

A Road Closed sign on highway 41/64/72 at the Lee Highway bridge over the Tennessee River.

Yikes Construction is everywhere!  Pretty soon I will have to cut hair through Astral Travel!  All the roads to and from HHDS and my home will soon be closed due to construction.  Not just that but EVERYONE I have been talking to has been mentioning they have been experiencing some pretty tough inner construction too!  It looks like ‘As Within So Without’ does really apply here!

It seems like these challenging times are the most daunting the toughest to navigate and the hardest to bare.  There is no better time then these to stop and look at our self care.  Have we been optimally nurturing ourselves?  If so the impact of outer influences will be felt, but in less of an emotionally tumultuous manner then if we have been slacking in this area.  In these times ‘Doing’ less is more, or at least thats what it looks like from the outside.  If someone were to observe me during these challenging times they might think I was crazy!  All this chaos and I’m too calm, seemingly oblivious to the anarchy outside, BUT!  In reality I am doing something HUGE!  If we remember at our thoughts affect our health, our frequency then we know that what our vibration is attracts the like to us.  So if I want calm peaceful bliss, I must create it inside.  This has been a tough one for me.  I was raised a ‘Do-er’ God helps those who help themselves I was told.  But over the years I realized I messed it up worst for th most part and it was incredibly stressful for me the whole time.  Ever been around someone who was totally calm in a tragedy?  They become an anchor for those terrified souls around them.  They have a calming affect on the whole thing helping others to focus and regroup.  You can be that for yourself, not in an avoidance way though this is not healthy or helpful.  During crazy times being the observer, staying focused and calm allows you to think more clearly and find a solution more effectively.  Not only that but it won’t affect the health of your mind body and spirit as much because you won’t slide into fight or flight.

one way

As we all know troubling times come to us to give us an opportunity to learn and grow.  Some would say ‘If that’s the case I have credentials out the whazoo!’  But truly, if we remember that through every challenge and stay calm, we can extract the lesson, integrate it and move on faster, minimizing casualties including your own!  Remember, ‘What’s The Rush?’

The Inevitable Navigation System: 'You have arrived at your destination.'

So in the mean time check on line to see what roads to avoid, leave a bit earlier and know that sometimes this won’t help. So if you find yourself winding through, navigating one way streets and closed road signs, take a deep breath enjoy your coffee, and enjoy the scenic route!

scenic route

you have arrived

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