Tips Tuesday-What’s Your Sign?


Since the dawn of time, humans have gazed up at the stars. They charted seasons, stories, and adventures within the heavens. Every culture created their own zodiac, and those symbols up in the sky continue to fascinate and amaze us today.


Everyone can answer the question “what’s your sign?” But this is only a small piece of the entire Zodiac puzzle. The daily horoscope you read in your morning newspaper is only one of fifteen different zodiac signs you have.  It’s called your sun sign, and it relates to the position the sun was in during your birth.


The sun is only one celestial body, so what about the other planets? While the Sun has the biggest influence due to its sheer size and gravity, the other celestial bodies still have a tug on our lives. While the sun sign gives us a good start, a full birth chart featuring all the planets and major asteroids gives a more complete picture of our lives.


A birth chart gives you a snapshot of the skies at the time and place of your birth. This chart helps you understand every aspect of your personality. Want to learn more about love and beauty? Your Venus sign will help you there. Curious about your more hidden aspects? Consult your Neptune sign. Interested in understanding health and healing? The asteroid Chiron will help you.


While a daily horoscope is a fun way to see what the day may have in store for you, a birth chart provides a more complete picture of your life and can provide insight into every aspect of your life.


Our astrologist, Lea, offers birth charts for $40, but for the rest of March, she’s offering them for $30. Order yours today!

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