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Tips Tuesday – Practice What You Preach!


~Lisa Nichols, ‘Abundance Now’

As I have evolved over the 6 years I have owned HHDS I have noticed a significant improvement in my self care regimen.  As I have given myself permission and recognized more an more how as I have taken the time and invested in myself I have actually become more and more effective at everything I do/am.  I have also improved my mental, physical and emotional well being.  This has created more balance in me and so created more balance in the life I experience.

I was chatting with a good friend and fellow business owner and Holistic Practitioner, Laurie Knarr, after another exceptional Cranial Sacral Treatment.  WE discussed how as we have gotten older we have started to recognize the absolute necessity for self care.  Recognizing more and more people around us falling ill, finding it hard to maintain energy and the busy lifestyles we have all committed to.  We even realized we wished we had started sooner.  It was mutually agreed that one approach didn’t work for everyone.  For example Laurie’s approach is greatly focused on personal training, and exceeding her own personal physical limitations.  While others might see her consistent participation in a grueling physical fitness regimen, it works for her.  But what works for you?  For an amazing Cranial Sacral expereince or RMT treatment contact Laurie, www.laurieknarr.ca, knarr.laurie.rmt@gmail.com

My personal commitment looks kind of like a patchwork quilt, but it works for me!  I believe in a multi dimensional approach because we ourselves are multi dimensional beings.  I see Laurie mthly for Cranial Sacral, enjoying a relaxing experience that creates an over all physical well being while releasing blockages causing discomfort.  I see Kerstin Kramer for monthly Electromagnetic Therapy and occasionally Reiki, always eliminating the pain in my foot and making me feel peaceful and light!  Kerstin is at HHDS every Friday, call in to book an experience.  I visit Cynthia Syjueco for Body Talk and Lymphatic Drainage and enjoy a great detox of negative energy and toxins trapped in the body once a mth.  She even recently treated my Dog!  Cynthia is at HHDS every Friday, call in to book an experience.  Nyssa McDonald has offered me incredible Crystal Treatments that always astounded me with the noticeable frequency vibrations that assist with balancing my physical, mental and emotional being.  Nyssa is @ HHDS every Weds, call in for a treatment.  I have recently incorporated Emotion Code treatments offered by Christine Ball and deprivation Floats at The Rock Spa, and found it to be a wonderful release of Emotional Blocks that are holding me back and her treatments quite insightful!  I have committed to weekly Yoga sessions with Christine Cummings owner of Pure Potential Yoga, where I have enjoyed physical discipline, dexterity, flexibility, muscle/core building and many times emotional block release.  I also balance all of this with weekly visits to the gym, I try to go with my hubby and kids whenever they are willing to join me!  Of course my whole awareness transformed when I became a Certified Holistic Life Coach, and Energy Psychologist, practicing what I preach as a coach has sustained me with a plentiful tool kit of skills and awareness that is truly priceless, which is why I now teach others offering certification for both through my other business Institute For Harmonious Living, http://instituteforharmoniousliving.com/.

I told you it was like a patchwork quilt, but you know what?  It works!  And I’m always on the prowl for more fascinating modalities!  I am motivated by finding the most effective options for services for our guests, but I am addicted to trying new things and evaluating what works for me and what doesn’t.  I encourage you to do the same thing.  This is what we are all about at HHDS, researching and finding safer, more effective services and products for you and your family.  Want to learn more?  Check out our workshops, or pop in for a 15 min complimentary session with one of our amazing treatment providers, who are motivated by the same desire to serve you as we are at HHDS.

 The previous picture quote helps us focus on the growing awareness for Self Care.  By becoming more responsible for our own wellbeing we become less reliant on others for nurturing, and acceptance and become more self sustaining and less of a burden.  We enjoy longer lives, healthier bodies more balanced relationships and an over all more satisfying life experience.

No one EVER regrets taking better care of themselves.  No more excuses, give yourself permission and watch yourself transform and in turn your life!