Tips Tuesday – Now What?!

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I don’t know about you but I have a list a mile long of ‘Things I gotta Do’!  There never seems enough hours in the day.  The day starts with a list, which grows instead of shrinks, then ends with frustration and defeat, when life gets in the way and the items on the list needs to be ‘bumped’.  Or more likely the list is too long to begin with.  Probably crowded with items that are not even priorities for us, but perhaps have been placed there by others.  What is written between the lines of the to do items is judgment, expectation, disappointment.  Who is the projector of these negative feelings?  Is it you?  Your mom?  Your fourth grade teacher?  Your husband?  Your Kids?  Your Boss?  You get the picture.  Find out how to identify who and how The Writing On Your Wall got there!  Feb 23rd 6-9 Call for a seat 519-404-6627

We tend to lose site of why we are here.  We decide to agree with everyone outside of us, motivated with greed, fame, esteem, attention, popularity, appreciation and respect from others.  As our lives fly by while we rush to reach unlimited heights of everything we are told is important, we never stop to question it.  Until we hit ‘Mid-Life Crisis’ or perhaps serious illness forces us to stop or at the very least slow down, which for many feeling a lot like an all out neck breaking STOP!  For a few that are focused more on observing their lives and dissecting their actions by questioning the ingredients of what is in our collective cultural ‘KoolAid’, their experience is more peaceful, subtle and accepting of selves and others.  Either way the opportunity to redirect through the experience is met with our Free Will.  Will we Decide to see this momentary pause as the chance to fully participate in life or will we choose to hop back on the treadmill until we are ejected off the end of the ride!

The purpose of this post is to give you permission to STOP.  Question the KoolAid, and ask yourself truly, do you want a second serving, or will you pass on that last call and choose a healthier option. Maybe just Maybe, it’s ok to do this whole ‘Life‘ thing a different way!  This doesn’t happen over night.  Start with falling back in love with life experiences.  Observe EVERYTHING!  The detail on the coat of the lady standing in front of you in the elevator.  Listen to the rain till it resembles music.  Inhale deeply as soon as you step outside to smell the air, the dirt, the stone, the flowers! Sit on the couch in silence with your eyes closed, paying acute attention to what you feel.  Is there any tension in your body?  Can you focus on that part of your body and breath into that area deeply to release all the tension, focusing on each and every area in sequence.

You might be thinking ok, anyone watching me is going to think I’m crazy!  Well, trust me, you may think everyone is watching you but that is just the KoolAid Hang Over!  No offense, but everyone else is too busy thinking about how everyone else is looking at them, too busy to watch your every move.  So this freedom provides you with ample opportunity to investigate your new found child like view of the world!  And when you least expect it you’ll find it!  YOUR LIFE!

Your Welcome!


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